'My 600-lb Life': Dottie splits with Chris as he battles addiction, fans remind her she is an addict too

'My 600-lb Life': Dottie splits with Chris as he battles addiction, fans remind her she is an addict too
Dottie and Chris (TLC)

Dottie had been struggling during her weight-loss journey because she did not like being away from her son, Landon. Dottie revealed after losing her first child, she did not appreciate that she had to stay away from her second child and miss out on all the milestones. Due to this, Dottie's weight-loss program was also affected as she started ordering food and had added nearly 40lbs being at the hospital. 

She finally managed to get back home once her stitches from the surgery were healed. However, coming back home was not the experience she had been hoping for. She found out that her husband, Chris, had not been taking good care of their son, Landon. To make things worse, Landon was hesitant to open up to Dottie after she came back home. 

While she managed to mend her relationship with Landon, things were not great between her and Chris. Chris had an alcohol addiction and she admitted things had taken a turn for worse as she was not there to maintain order. Once she came back home, she tried to get things back in place but it had been a struggle. 

After a couple of weeks, Chris's alcohol addiction became worse and Dottie decided to split with him. However, Chris was not the only one in the family who had an addiction problem. When Dottie went to visit Dr Nowzaradan, he reminded her that she also had an addiction problem. 

He pointed out she was addicted to smoking and eating while reminding her that nicotine is a drug too. But Dottie refused to comment on this. 

"Dottie the pot calling the kettle. She addicted to food and that's no different than her husband is an alcoholic. And addiction is an addiction," read one comment.

Another wrote, "Both Dottie and Chris have an addiction. I wonder did Chris take up drinking again after their son died? Dottie just uses Landon as an excuse to keep on eating."

"Dottie got upset Dr Now said she was a drug addict in front of her kid but she has no problem discussing her husband’s alcoholism in front of her kid??" another questioned while some suggested that they both needed read as one of the comments read, "Both Chris and Dottie have addiction problems both need to be in rehab both don’t wanna rehab very sad situation." 

While Dottie decided to drop out of the program to take care of her son, but it seems like the viewers want Dottie to take control of her addiction problems first. 

'My 600-lb Life' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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