'My 600-lb Life': Dominic says he is 'homeless' but huge fast-food bill makes it hard for fans to trust him

Dominic Hernandez has struggled with weight and add to that, he is also homeless. Now, he plans on changing his life around for the sake of his brother

                            'My 600-lb Life': Dominic says he is 'homeless' but huge fast-food bill makes it hard for fans to trust him
Dominic Hernandez (TLC)

Dominic Hernandez has been struggling with his weight ever since he was a child and despite having parents who loved him dearly, life just happened to push him towards food addiction. Dominic revealed it all started when his parents started fighting and it got worse when they divorced. 

After the divorce, Dominic was abandoned by his father which led him to stay with his mother, it was a period where he was abused by some of his relatives who were a little older than him. When that finally stopped, Dominic thought that his life would be changing for the better but when he was 25, he found out that his mother had diabetes. 

When he was 34, his mom passed away and he and his brother, James, decided to continue staying in the house. Unfortunately, since they did not have any money to pay the rent, the house was sold and they were left to stay in their van. Dominic revealed he has some of the relatives staying in the same city but they took every little money that they would have got from their grandmother's fund, leaving them penniless.

Dominic revealed that being homeless is scary because one never knows if they will be alive the next day or not. He revealed that there is a lot of uncertainty attached to it as there are many other homeless people and addicts that walk around at night. To add to this, they also had to steer clear of the cops who might ask them to move. 

Despite having very limited money, Dominic revealed that food is one thing that he does not compromise on. He revealed that often he would choose food over taking a hotel to shower. He further revealed that he gets support from the government and sometimes, James takes up small jobs to work. 

The show also showcased the brother driving down to McDonald's and ordering some food. Fans were surprised at how much food the two ordered and estimated the amount it would have been. These made many wonder if the brothers were really homeless or if they were just faking it. 

"They ordered the entire menu (approximately $50) x 3 meals per day, but homeless. He said they get a good amount of extra money/assistance, but spends it on food. As someone who works with the homeless, many don’t get ANY extra assistance but wish they could. If my peeps got that kind of money they wouldn’t be on the street- TRUST. I’m annoyed. These guys are choosing to be homeless. Period," one viewer wrote. 

Another added, "Now hold on...he’s homeless but ordering the whole menu at McDonald’s? Stop the madness." Some even wondered "If they made up this story of being homeless just to get on the show." 

Another echoed similar thoughts and wrote, "James & Dominic homeless but ordering tons of fast food. I work ten hours a day & can’t even afford fast food." While many found it hard to believe that Dominic and his brother were homeless, the only thing on Dominic's mind is to lose weight as he prepares to go meet Dr Younan Nowzaradan.

'My 600-lb Life' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on TLC.  

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