'My 600-lb Life': Cynthia says raising 5 children leaves her no time to lose weight, fans say it's an excuse

Cynthia has been working with Dr Younan Nowzaradan for her weight loss but she has failed to stop ordering junk food

                            'My 600-lb Life': Cynthia says raising 5 children leaves her no time to lose weight, fans say it's an excuse
Cynthia (TLC)

When Cynthia first appeared on the show, she knew she had to lose weight because she had to take full responsibility for her five children. Being a single mother, Cynthia knew she had to be there for her children but her increasing weight was making it impossible. She struggled to help them with their daily activities. Driving them to and fro also became a hurdle that was difficult for her to cross. 

This is why Cynthia decided to enroll herself in Dr Younan Nowzaradan's program. Dr Nowzaradan asked Cynthia to be on a strict diet while making sure that she worked out. Cynthia knew it was up to her to get approved for the surgery and to make sure that moving forward, her life is better and that she is a good mother. 

While Cynthia managed to lose weight and get approved for the surgery, the next task up her sleeves were to make sure that she lost more weight to get approved for the skin removal surgery. Cynthia managed to lose enough weight and got approved too. The first thing that she wanted to be removed was the extra skin on her hands as Cynthia confessed it had been irritating her a lot. 

While the skin removal procedure was a success, her weight loss goal was not reached as Cynthia lost track of her goal. She resorted to eating junk food and stated that it was hard to cook while taking care of five children. She gave the same reason to Dr Nowzaradan and he was not too pleased to hear this.

He asked Cynthia to work on her emotions and realize that she was making herself eat junk food. While Cynthia failed to admit there was anything wrong with what she did, Dr Nowzaradan and even the viewers were convinced she was using her children as an excuse. 

"Cynthia really doesn’t understand why she’s not losing weight when there are scenes of her constantly ordering fast food, not working out, or focusing on herself. She keeps using her kids as an excuse as if they just dropped out of the sky yesterday," read one comment. 

Another read, "Cynthia is lazy as f**k and using her kids as an excuse is some f**k mom, shit." Another echoed, "Stop using your kids as an excuse Cynthia." While one questioned, "Cynthia's kids are all in high school. Teach them how to make their own meals. They can't boil some rice and bake some chicken in a toaster oven?" 

Cynthia finally decided to drop out of the program and think about losing weight somewhere down the lane when all her children are grown up. 

'My 600-lb Life' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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