'My 600-lb Life': After 500lbs weight loss and overcoming addiction, Charity now battles kidney cancer

Charity Pierce had been struggling with her weight when she decided to come in to meet for help. While she managed to get back on track, she recently revealed she has been diagnosed with kidney cancer

                            'My 600-lb Life': After 500lbs weight loss and overcoming addiction, Charity now battles kidney cancer
Charity Pierce (TLC)

Charity Pierce was 778lbs when she first appeared on the show and found it hard to get up and move around the house. Her weight stopped her from doing everyday chores and this led her to take the big decision of turning her life around. Charity knew it was a big step that she could not take alone and decided to seek help from Dr Younan Nowzaradan. 

When Charity arrived to meet Dr Nowzaradan, he was quick to decide that she needed to be admitted to the hospital to make sure her food intake could be monitored. Charity was admitted for three months and was able to lose the weight to get approved for the surgery. While the surgery was successful, one thing that Dr Nowzaradan did not see coming was Charity's addiction to pain killers. 

After her surgery, Charity overdosed on painkillers and had to be rushed for an emergency operation. The latest episode (May 13), gave viewers a look at the progress that Charity had made. Unfortunately, even after three years and a couple of months later, Charity was struggling to lose weight. 

Charity revealed when she had previously come for the consultation she had weighed 265lbs and had lost over 500lbs. This time, she found out that she had gained 6lbs and now weighed 271lb. She was not happy about the weight gain and tried hard to understand how she was putting on more weight. To make things worse, her daughter, Charly Pierce decided to move out of the house after Dr Nowzaradan revealed that they were a negative dynamic. 

Charity found it hard to keep on going without her daughter by her side. This led her to take on some bad habits as she also got addicted to alcohol. She also struggled with controlling her urges for food and thought that she needed by her side. She felt hurt Charly decided to leave her and questioned where their relationship had gone wrong. 

While Charly has been doing well for herself, Charity knew it was important for her to talk to her daughter and see where she had gone wrong. She admitted she would have appreciated Charly coming and opening up about her problems rather than packing her bags and leaving. 

Charity and Charly finally met and the two decided to sit together and talk. Charly asked Charity to take control of her actions and not head back to old habits by getting addicted to alcohol. She further added the importance of her mother growing out of her comfort zone and becoming independent. The conversation ended with Charity admitting that she needed to work on the things Charly had mentioned to make sure she has made a lot of progress before she met her daughter again. Charity managed to get back on the right path as she revealed she is now sober. 

Meanwhile, Charity's Facebook page revealed she and Charly have a good relationship now but she also revealed that she was diagnosed with kidney cancer, just like her mother. "I found out at Christmas time that I have kidney cancer. It devastated me bc my mom passed away from brain cancer. So since Christmas, I’ve had high anxiety and lots of panic attacks," she wrote.

She continued, "After lots of testing and a million doctor appointments they figured out the cancer was only in my kidney. The next step was to get my kidney removed as soon as possible before it had a chance to spread to other organs in my body. So on March 2, my kidney was removed. And now I’m recovering at home trying to heal. I just hope the future has something good in store." Since then, Charity has not given any updates about her health. 

'My 600-lb Life' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on TLC. 

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