'My 600-lb Life': Beth feels Gina is slowly killing herself and would soon die if she doesn't lose weight

'My 600-lb Life': Beth feels Gina is slowly killing herself and would soon die if she doesn't lose weight
Beth and Gina Krasley (TLC)

Gina Krasley has been conscious about her weight ever since she was a young girl but lately, things have taken a turn for the worse. Gina has reached a point where all she does is eat and sleep and the only occasionally activity that she has is taking a bath. While Gina's weight is slowly taking control of her life, another thing that is being affected is her relationship with her wife, Beth Krasley. 

Beth and Gina met on a dating site. Within six months into their relationship, the pair got engaged and after a year, they got married. Now, Gina and Beth are living with Beth's mother, Cathy, and her sister, Ali. If staying with in-laws and sleeping on the couch wasn't enough, Gina's weight is slowly affecting their relationship. 

Speaking to the camera, Beth confessed that this was not the type of relationship that she wanted. She added that she wants Gina to be healthy but finds it hard to explain because Gina is not ready to make a change. Meanwhile, Gina admitted that she sometimes feels that she is a child that Beth needs to take care of.

She added that she feels Beth does not see her as a wife anymore. However, Beth revealed that she still loves Gina. She revealed that the first thing that drew her to Gina was her personality. Beth stated that Gina has a heart of "gold" and she makes everyone fall in love with her.

Even though Beth still loves Gina, she fears that Gina is slowly killing herself with the amount of food she eats and she fears that Gina would die soon if she continues to consume food in the same manner. She revealed that throughout the day she gets a text from Gina telling her the food to bring and since she does not want a fight, she tends to do as asked. On the other hand, Gina knows that she has to change to make sure that her relationship is intact.

She revealed that she and Beth have not been intimate in three years and if there is a chance, Beth often comes up with excuses. Gina added that she wants to change for herself because she hopes to have a family one day and it won't be possible if she doesn't take control of her weight.


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