'My 600-lb Life': Amanda says her ex died weighing over 700lbs, viewers ask if she is trying to kill Tommy too

'My 600-lb Life': Amanda says her ex died weighing over 700lbs, viewers ask if she is trying to kill Tommy too
Tommy and Amanda (TLC)

Tommy Johnson has been struggling with weight ever since he was young and after spending years taking help from an oxygen tank to breathe, Tommy knew that it was time he turned his life around. However, one of the biggest motivations for him was his fiance, Amanda. Amanda and Tommy have been dating for five years but he hasn't been able to give her a real relationship like feeling like he wants to. 

Amanda revealed that before she met Tommy, she was dating another guy who weighed over 700lbs. She further revealed that he passed away after getting a heart attack. While Tommy's condition is no better, Amanda fears that history will repeat itself.

Two months after her ex-boyfriend passed away Amanda started talking to Tommy. He was the support and care that she had longed for at that time and it eventually led to both of them dating. The two decided to move in together after talking for two months but it was everything that Tommy had been looking for. 

Tommy recalled asking Amanda that one thing she wanted to do while they were together and she revealed that she had always wanted to do karaoke. Tommy expressed his disappointment as even after five years, he revealed that he has not been able to do the small thing that Amanda had wanted. 

While Tommy worries that Amanda would leave him because she has become more like a caretaker for him than a girlfriend, it is not the same that she has on her mind. Amanda revealed that she is worried that Tommy will have the same fate as her ex-boyfriend. She confessed that when she was dating her ex-boyfriend, there were signs of deterioration that she missed. 

She recalled she could see his legs becoming red and his toes slowly losing the blood supply. Even though she admitted that she loves Tommy, she added that she was worried one day his eating habits would kill him. Amanda knew that it wasn't a road she wanted to go down again because she had already lost someone she dearly loves. 

While Amanda was desperate for Tommy to lose weight, viewers slammed her for feeding Tommy while requesting him to lose some weight. "So Amanda watched one man die from obesity and she's contributing to the death of this one. STOP FEEDING HIM LIKE THAT," read one comment. 

Another added, "Amanda doing all this whining but she making his meals. She part of the problem." Another echoed similar thoughts and wrote, "Well Amanda...if you are so concerned. STOP MAKING HIM GALLONS OF BAD FOOD AND BRINGING IT TO HIM!!!"

While Tommy has decided to be on the weight-loss journey, there is no doubt that he needs Amanda's help and fans hope that she doesn't become his enabler.

'My 600-lb Life' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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