Muslim women told to discard hijab, stay at home ahead of galling 'Punish a Muslim Day'

Muslim women told to discard hijab, stay at home ahead of galling 'Punish a Muslim Day'
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Muslim women in Britain have reportedly been warned against venturing out to pick up their children from school alone and have been advised to hide their hijabs, ahead of the repulsive 'Punish A Muslim Day,' according to reports.

Counter-terrorism police initiated an investigation last month in the UK after people across the country received letters, advocating violence against Muslims on one particular day, April 3, the Daily Mail reported.

With just a day left for April 3, several WhatsApp messages were circulated in Muslim communities in the country, warning people to take precautionary measures and encouraging them to properly close their doors and windows, in case of any untoward event.

One such message circulating on the messaging app explained the details of the letter.

Muslim women in the UK have been advised to walk in a group of 3 to 4 when picking up their children from school. (Getty Images)


"This is not a joke its sick plan they have a pointing system where they will b giving points nd reporting on a site with vids etc punishments include taking off hijabs...beating up and even acid throwing," the message read, referring to the anti-Muslim letter.

"May Allah protect us all," it added.

The letter reportedly entails a points system, where 10 points will be awarded to people if they "verbally abuse a Muslim," or 2500 points for "nuking Mecca," according to the Mirror.

The horrifying point system also includes 50 points for throwing acid in a Muslim person's face and at least 1000 points for bombing or burning a mosque, reports state.

The precautionary messages being circulated in the Muslim communities say that "even tho police say they r acting on it.. leaflets have been posted thru doors in east London and kids have heard about it."

Security officials in UK have initiated an investigation into the threatening anti-Muslim letter being circulated in the country. (Getty Images)


The country's Counter-Terrorism Unit had released a statement last month, saying: "Police are investigating a number of reports of potentially malicious communications sent to individuals across the UK. Officers are currently investigating the full circumstances."

"Counter-Terrorism Policing North East are coordinating the investigation at this time and will consider any potential links to existing enquiries. Anyone with any concerns about a communication they may have received should contact their local police force," the statement added.

Reports state that another message being circulated on WhatsApp has advised women to walk in groups of three or four when they go to pick up their children from school.

It also added that they should attempt to hide their hijabs with a hat or coat, as one of the pointers in the sickening letter directs people to pull hijabs off women. 


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 Muslim women in UK asked to hide their hijab ahead of revolting 'Punish a Muslim Day'