Did Bobby Brown Jr predict his death? His friends say ‘he knew something was going to happen'

'It was eerie, like he knew something was going to happen, but wouldn’t seek medical help because he has a phobia of hospitals,' said a friend

                            Did Bobby Brown Jr predict his death? His friends say ‘he knew something was going to happen'
Bobby Brown Jr and Bobby Brown (Getty Images)

In a startling revelation, musician Bobby Brown Jr had reportedly predicted his death before he died on November 18. As per reports, Bobby Brown Jr told friends he was ill. He was coughing on the phone while talking to his friends making them speculate that the 28-year-old had contracted Covid-19 before his death. Apart from the virus, his friends told the Daily Mail that Brown has mentioned to them about his heart condition also “long time ago”.

In an exclusive interview, Karey Graves, a friend of the late rapper, told the Daily Mail, “He(Brown Jr. ) told me a long time ago that he was born with a heart condition, and when he called me on Tuesday he was saying how he was sick and how you never know what you’ll die from. It was eerie, like he knew something was going to happen, but wouldn’t seek medical help because he has a phobia of hospitals.”
Graves also speculated that Brown might have got the virus infection that worsened his health. “From my view, I feel like he had covid or maybe another illness that didn’t make it easy for his pre-existing heart condition. He definitely knew something was going to happen. It sounded like a super bad cold. A heavy voice that sounded congested and I heard him cough intensely too when he got up to get a drink,” she said about her last talk with Brown on phone.

“We weren’t on good terms before he reached out and he called me out of the blue after texting me that he NEEDED to talk to me. He hammered in the fact that he loved me and wished we could be together. It was all so weird,” Graves recounted. Earlier TMZ reported that Bobby Brown Jr was not well days before his death and he was having flu-like symptoms as per his family. However, the same reports say that a source connected to the family said Bobby Jr did not have Covid-19.

Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement on the day of Bobby's demise, “On November 18, 2020, around 1:50 p.m., officers from LAPD West Valley Division responded to a call of a medical emergency at 5200 White Oak Avenue.” The statement further reads,“Officers discovered a male, unconscious, and not breathing. The male was identified as Bobby Brown Jr (son of Bobby Brown Sr) and was pronounced at the scene. The Coroner’s Office was notified and is handling the investigation, there is no evidence of foul play”.

Graves mentioned that Brown’s family are not open to sharing much information at the moment, after their son’s fatal death. Another close friend of Brown Jr who happens to be a fellow musician named Gow Moya said it was difficult to hold it together after learning about his friend's tragic demise.“He was a good person. He was raised right. He had respect. He was just a beacon of light. The way that Bobby was with everybody, he’s a solid person. Everybody respected bobby for him being the person who always thought logically.” Moya met Bobby Brown Jr. nearly 18 months ago as per the Daily Mail. He then became close to Brown Jr.’s family and was even engaged to make music with Bobby Brown Sr. and his son. “Me and he took a real close liking to each other. I moved back to California. Every chance I got I kicked it with Bobby. I always hit him up. Every time I would go out to Hollywood, to the Hills, I would call Bobby and we would link up. We would celebrate life. We had talked of me becoming his manager for music. He liked the way I conducted my label,” Moya stated. 

Moya then mentioned how it was difficult to hear the news of his friend’s death. “I had a bunch of calls saying Bobby’s dead. I didn’t think of little Bobby at first, I thought of Big Bobby. I looked on Instagram, I didn’t see anything, then I looked online and saw. I burst into tears,” he said. After the shattering news, Moya posted a video with his friend. It showed the two drinking mimosas in a Los Angeles hotel suite. “I didn’t know the last time I saw him was going to be the last time ever,” Moya said. “We tap in with each other weekly if not daily,” the fellow musician iterated. “But you never know what type of depression people are holding on to. I would hope that’s not the case.”
Bobby Brown Jr was found dead on November 18 at his Los Angeles home. Until now the cause of his death is not known. As per reports law enforcement authorities told no drugs were found at the scene of death and that a toxicology test will be conducted. The musician’s demise does not indicate any signs of foul play either.

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