Muse unveil new single 'Pressure' with 'Back to the Future' themed video: Watch

Watch Terry Crews bust some gremlins in the retro-themed music video for Muse's 'Pressure' from their upcoming album 'Simulation Theory.'

                            Muse unveil new single 'Pressure' with 'Back to the Future' themed video: Watch

Muse have shared the music video for their latest single 'Pressure,' taken from their upcoming album 'Simulation Theory.' It's the fourth single previewed from the album and follows the previously released tracks 'Thought Contagion,' 'Dig Down,' 'Something Human' and 'The Dark Side.'

Continuing with the retro-themed look and feel of the album, the music video for 'Pressure' is a nod to the 80s Speilberg classic 'Back To The Future.' The video opens with a POV shot of someone wearing a VR headset and then cuts to what looks like the famous prom scene from the classic sci-fi adventure. Muse takes on the role of the band at the prom, and frontman Matt Bellamy appears to be dressed as Marty McFly as he entertains the high school kids. This is the second reference to 'Back to the Future' by Muse so far in the run-up to the album release. The video for 'The Dark Side' featured Bellamy cruising around in what looked like a DeLorean through a retro-style virtual world reminiscent of 'Tron.'

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews stars in the video and announces the band at the prom. Interestingly, the band is introduced as Rocket Baby Dolls, which used to be Muse's original name when they first formed. Things take a turn towards the bizarre mid-way through the video as the prom is attacked by creatures that look like the little annoying furballs from 'Gremlins.'

But not to worry! Terry Crews is here to save the day with a Ghost Busters-themed laser-shooting cannon before the video ends with a full-fledged zombie apocalypse at the high school! The clip also features Chance Michael and Julia Robinson and was directed by Lance Drake. Watch the video below:

“It’s more like a straight Muse rock track,” Bellamy told Radio X, talking about the new single. “It’s like a different riff every 10 seconds, basically,” he added.

'Simulation Theory,' which drops on November 9, marks Muse’s first album since 2015’s 'Drones,' and was produced by the band alongside Rich Costey, Mike Elizondo, Shellback, and Timbaland. The band has also confirmed that they'll be releasing music videos for all 11 tracks, which we can definitely expect to follow in the already established visual style. The artwork for the album was illustrated by digital artist Kyle Lambert, who’s done the poster art for 'Stranger Things,' 'Jurassic Park.'

Muse will also be releasing the album in Deluxe (16 tracks), and Super Deluxe (21 tracks) formats with the extended tracklist featuring acoustic, live and 'alternate reality' versions of some of the tracks. Check out the complete tracklisting for 'Simulation Theory' as well as the artwork for the album below.

Official album art for Muse's 'Simulation Theory'.
Official album art for Muse's 'Simulation Theory'.


'Simulation Theory' Tracklist:
01. 'Algorithm'
02. 'The Dark Side'
03. 'Pressure'
04. 'Propaganda'
05. 'Break It To Me'
06. 'Something Human'
07. 'Thought Contagion'
08. 'Get Up and Fight'
09. 'Blockades'
10. 'Dig Down'
11. 'The Void'