'Mulan' release to be postponed to avoid 'Tenet' clash? Fans say delay it, don't compete with Christopher Nolan

Mulan's July release date might be in jeopardy again, fans say it's better to wait and be patient

                            'Mulan' release to be postponed to avoid 'Tenet' clash? Fans say delay it, don't compete with Christopher Nolan
'Mulan' and 'Tenet' (IMDb)

It has been an unlucky year for the television and film industry. With the relentless sweep of the coronavirus pandemic, many films have had to be delayed to later dates or pushed indefinitely. One such example is 'Mulan', where the release date has already been shuffled around a lot. As things stand, the film is slated for a July release. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, 'Mulan' might not release on July 24, as Covid-19 cases surge in a number of states across the United States. In the case of 'Mulan', there's also the matter of China,  a prime market for the film, where there has likewise been a spike in Covid-19 cases. The film, which was meant to hit theatres on March 27  is directed by Niki Caro and stars Liu Yifei as the legendary female warrior.

According to Deadline, when Warner Bros moved Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' to July 31 from July 17, they automatically made Mulan the event movie to kick off the summer season. “Disney doesn’t like that,” the exhibition source said. “What studio wants to automatically be put in that position?” If Mulan does release on July 24, it could enjoy a week of Imax theaters but will need to cede them once 'Tenet' releases.

Fans are tired with the wait and said that the film should just be moved to Disney+. "Just move it to Disney+, it belongs there anyway," a fan tweeted.

Another came up with an idea and wrote that 'Mulan' should be swapped with 'The New Mutants'.  "Mulan needs to move to August & swap with The New Mutants. The New Mutants moves up to August 7 while Mulan goes to August 28. Don’t compete with Tenet. Just delay it instead of sending it to PVOD or Disney+. They really have to move the release date as it makes complete sense!" said one.

"Mulan should be moved to 2021, better to be safe," another fan wrote.

Others wrote that the film might bomb in theatres if it released in July, as people would be too afraid to go to the theatres. "A lot of people claim that they are not ready to go back to the theaters just yet, so with that being said, the movie might bomb if released in theaters and not straight to Disney+. Or Disney can wait for an indefinite date when the virus is cleared, and then, release it," one wrote.

Some feel that Nolan is not budging from his release date for 'Tenet'. "Tenet won’t move. Theaters are already opening. Nolan is hardset on this film releasing in July," another fan tweeted.

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