MTV all set to bring back 1991's dystopian animated saga 'Aeon Flux' with live-action reboot

MTV all set to bring back 1991's dystopian animated saga 'Aeon Flux' with live-action reboot
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It's the season of reboots and remakes and jumping right on to the middle of the bandwagon is MTV, with its plans for a live-action reboot of the 90s animated series, 'Aeon Flux'. 

Originally, the show had first aired on the network in 1991 as part of its Liquid Television anthology - an experimental programming series by MTV aimed mostly at adults with its graphic depiction of violence and sex. With Peter Chung developing the show for MTV's young adult audience, the story followed the titular character Aeon Flux, a secret agent, and her nemesis-cum-love-interest, Trevor Goodchild. 

The narrative picked up pace in a dystopian future - to be precise, the year 7698 - where Flux and Goodchild happen to be the survivors after an environmental catastrophe has swiped clean the entire world's population. The beloved series was quite modern at the time and suited to the taste of its audience.

In fact, after a six-part run in 1991, the animated saga was brought back by the Viacom-owned cable network again in 1992, featuring five short-form episodes. Later in 1995, the original 'Aeon Flux' aired for one last time on MTV, this time with double the number of episodes lasting for half an hour each. Since 1991 through 1995, though, all the episodes of 'Aeon Flux' were a result of Chung's animation.

One exception worth mentioning would be the 2005 remake of the classic animated series on the big screen with Hollywood topgun Charlize Theron starring in the lead role. Scripted by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, the movie brought in a mere $52.3 million from the international box-office, proving to be a grand failure both in the eyes of the critics and fans. 

However, if you happen to be a fan of MTV's old mine of TV shows, especially the ones from its Liquid Television series, chances are this reboot might appeal to your taste. It goes without saying that the network would be betting big on this live-action reboot. And for the same, it's been reported that Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis has been brought on board to write the script and also serve as the executive producer of the show. 


Alongside Davis, Gale Anne Hur (of The Walking Dead fame and who also served as a producer for the 2005 Theron-led starrer) will also be executive producing the live-action reboot of 'Aeon Flux'. 

As for the plot details, right now MTV is keeping it all guarded. Hopefully, more details will surface when production is underway.    

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 MTV all set to bring back 1991's dystopian animated saga 'Aeon Flux' with live-action reboot