MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell repeatedly refers to Trump as 'the president', gets trolled online: 'She has slowed down'

Andrea Mitchell's latest segment on MSNBC angered a lot of people who reminded her that Donald Trump was a 'former' US president

                            MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell repeatedly refers to Trump as 'the president', gets trolled online: 'She has slowed down'
Andrea Mitchell repeatedly referred to Donald Trump as 'the president' during her news segment on MSNBC (Getty Images)

MSNBC viewers were in for a surprise when they tuned into a segment about the future of the Republican Party on Monday, February 15. MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell shocked many viewers after she repeatedly referred to Donald Trump as "the president". Mitchell used the phrase "the president" when introducing a video of Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) praising Trump.

"Let's just play what Lindsey Graham had to say because that was the full embrace yesterday of the president," she said before the video was played on television. Safe to say, Mitchell's latest segment angered a lot of people who reminded her of the current administration. 

Watch the video here.


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Following the clip, once again referring to the former president as 'the president', Mitchell continued, "The president is out on the golf course today. We've already seen him out on the golf course down there in Palm Beach."

It did not take viewers long to catch the faux pas and many took to social media to share their confusion, shock and sheer disgust, among other things. Some users straight-up demanded an explanation from not just the journalist but also the network for use of the term for Trump while others went as far as asking her to retire altogether.

Andrea Mitchell accepts the Best Special or Variety - Breakthrough award for the "Democratic Debate - Atlanta," at the 45th Anniversary Gracie Awards on September 10, 2020. (Getty Images)

"Please STOP referring to Trump as "the president"! You said, "the president is on the golf course today".......he is NOT!! He is in the WH doing his job. Joe Biden is the PRESIDENT! Better yet, stop talking about Trump all together!! @mitchellreports" an angry user tweeted. "Why is Andrea Mitchell still calling Donnie "The President," and why does she insist on telling us what his schedule is today? NO ONE CARES!" another tweeted. 




Many even called out the network and its new producers along with Mitchell asking them to correct their usage of the term president. "How do we get the media to stop calling trump “president Trump” already almost every media outlet has called him President Trump. there is only ONE PRESIDENT. MSNBC IS HAVING A REALLY BIG PROBLEM RECOGNIZING THIS. if they can’t remember just call him Donald trump or just trump," one tweeted. "I'm really tired of @mitchellreports still calling Donald Trump "the President." You need to correct yourself or your producers need to correct you @MSNBC" another tweeted.




A user put it succinctly giving a suggestion to MSNBC and Mitchell. "Helpful hint for @MSNBC journalists and hosts: “The President” is Joe Biden. When you talk about the person in that space before him, you need to say “the FORMER president. But there were also those who slammed Mitchell completely, one of them tweeted, "Andrea Mitchell is losing it these days. It's time for her to be retired @MSNBC. You have higher standards than what she is able to provide. I no longer watch her. She has slowed down to much. Very noticeable and disconcerting."




A few days ago, Mitchell was in the news for wrongly attempting to fact-check Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, over a Shakespeare quote. "It's reminiscent of Shakespeare [in] that it is full of sound and fury, and yet signifying nothing," said Cruz, referencing to a soliloquy from "Macbeth." Mitchell, however, did not get the reference as she went ahead and tweeted: "@SenTedCruz says #ImpeachmentTrial is like Shakespeare full of sound and fury signifying nothing. No, that’s Faulkner."




It was another matter that the correspondent's error led to fact-checking from critics, who pointed out that the title of William Faulkner's 1929 novel "The Sound and the Fury" came from Shakespeare's words.

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