'Mr Robot' Season 4 Episode 6 'Not Acceptable' promo shows Krista at Vera's mercy and Dom corners Darlene while Elliot goes rogue

The official synopsis of the upcoming episode states, "Vera tells a tale. Darlene gets an Xmas surprise. Elliot goes rogue", touching on the major plot points of the episode that will be aired Sunday. And in the promo, we see exactly this

                            'Mr Robot' Season 4 Episode 6 'Not Acceptable' promo shows Krista at Vera's mercy and Dom corners Darlene while Elliot goes rogue

How do you follow up on a superlative episode? Why rack up the tension, of course. In the official trailer of 'Mr. Robot's' Season 4 Episode 6 'Not Acceptable',  we see a panic-stricken Krista Gordon (Gloria Reuben) in the hands of Fernando Vera (Elliot Villar) and his young accomplice, played by rapper Young M.A.

Vera, as we know, is obsessed with making Elliot (Rami Malek) instrumental in building his criminal empire and he believes Krista has the goods on Elliot -- that little nugget of information that will help him recruit him as a partner.

Krista might be doing less talking than we expect because aside from that gag on her mouth, the official synopsis states "Vera tells a tale". But we see the duo's home invasion being interrupted by someone at Krista's door. 

It might be Elliot to the rescue since there is a scene where Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) tells Elliot he will be crossing a line followed by a brief scene of Elliot asking a terrified and weepy Olivia Cortez (Dominik García-Lorido) for help. The same Olivia he hooked up with in season 4 episode 3 while trying to steal her authentication device to access the Deus Group's Cypress National Bank account.

So we can expect some pretty drastic measures from his side. The synopsis says, "Elliot goes rogue," so maybe that is why the episode is titled 'Not Acceptable'.


Whiterose has also had enough, what with his Dark Army agents burning up in vans and his next E Corp CEO disappearing. He tells his assistant to "locate Mr. Alderson and bring him in". The time for games and cat and mouse chases are over.

In the last episode, we had Janice (Ashlie Atkinson) pinpointing the "troublemakers" behind Dark Army's van going up in flames thanks to some stellar police work by Dominique 'Dom' DePierro (Grace Gummer). So, it's no wonder Dom is now hunting the brother and sister duo on Janice's command.

Despite her crush on Darlene, she doesn't have a problem pointing a gun at her and asking her where her brother is. This is, according to the synopsis, why "Darlene gets an Xmas surprise".

So, in essence, Whiterose, Dom and Vera are all gunning for Elliot. Will we see the mysterious third alter surface in this moment of crisis in the upcoming episode? We can only wait and watch Sunday.

The upcoming episode will be aired at a "special time" 8/7c on the USA Network, instead of its usual air time.

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