'Mr Mercedes' season 3: Hodges, Holly and Jerome team up to track down a killer as a beloved author is found dead

'Mr Mercedes' season 3: Hodges, Holly and Jerome team up to track down a killer as a beloved author is found dead

"Remember how I said that after Brady Hartsfield there will never be another. There's another," so begins the trailer for season three of Audience Networks' acclaimed show 'Mr Mercedes.'

After almost a year of waiting, 'Mr Mercedes' is coming back to the screen for a third season. The crime drama based on Stephen King's Bill Hodges trilogy (which consists of 'Mr Mercedes', 'Finders Keepers', and 'End of Watch') stars Brendan Gleeson as the retired detective Bill Hodges, who was once a highly-reputed police detective, but has seen a downfall and now he passes time yelling at children in the neighborhood and drinking too much.

The first two seasons were adapted from the first and the third books in the series. The third season is based on the middle book of the King trilogy 'Finders Keepers.' It introduces Morris Bellamy (Gabriel Ebert), a thief who ends up killing author John Rothstein (Bruce Dern) in a robbery. 

The first two seasons of the thriller saw Hodges coming out of retirement to finish the unsolved mystery that revolves around the titular serial killer. It was with the help of his young accomplices Holly (Justine Lupe) and Jerome (Jharrel Jerome) that Hodges was able to nab Brady Hartsfield as the mysterious Mercedes murderer. For most of season 2, Brady was in a coma, but it wasn't a coma that'd render one in a vegetative state. As a result of an experimental medical procedure, he got telepathic powers which gave him control over people despite being in the hospital. When he eventually woke up from his state and claimed he was redeemed, Lou Linklater (Breeda Wool) - his co-worker at Supreme Electronix, and the closest thing he's ever had as a friend - wasn't having it and she shot him dead at the end of season 2. 

The synopsis for the upcoming season 3 reads: “When beloved local author Jonathan Rothstein (Bruce Dern) is found murdered, Hodges, Holly and Jerome, along with local police, must track down his killer. But this case is more complex than the cold-blooded killing of an American icon. Unpublished novels of Rothstein's were stolen from his home, and they are worth millions. As the case unfolds, the trio learns that although Brady may be gone, his depravity lives on in the lives of his victims.” 

So now Lou's case is going to trial and Brett Gelman ('Fleabag') plays the role of Roland Finklestein, her passionate defense attorney who thinks they can win her case. 

Season 3 of 'Mr Mercedes' will see Natalie Paul playing the role of Assistant District Attorney Sarah Pace, who is prosecuting Lou for murdering Brady. Gabriel Ebert plays the role of an intelligent but violent literature fan called Morris Bellamy. We will also be seeing 'Orange is the New Black' alumnus Kate Mulgrew play the role of Alma Lane, who works with Ebert's Bellamy to get Jonathan's books after his death, which could be worth millions.


The third season might as well be there last season of the series, considering how King wrote a trilogy. But that doesn't mean that makers might not be interested in taking forward Hodges' story without a King book to base it on. "Going into this, the idea is that we have three books and in success, it would make for three seasons and then, who knows? Maybe longer if we're having fun," showrunner David E. Kelley had said in an interview

Season 3 of 'Mr Mercedes' is set to premiere on Tuesday, September 10th at 10 pm ET/PT on DIRECTV Channel 239, On-Demand 1239, DIRECTV, U-Verse, & AT&T TV NOW. 



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