MrBeast: Youtuber debunks rumors behind airline video that received 135M views

MrBeast: Youtuber debunks rumors behind airline video that received 135M views
MrBeast was accused of producing fake content in a video titled, '$1 vs $500,000 Plane Ticket' (MrBeast/YouTube)

Jimmy Donaldson famously known as 'MrBeast' is one of the most favored figures on YouTube. He rose to fame as a result of his acts of kindness and his high regard for entertainment. He frequently publishes lavish videos and participates in charity endeavors. Recently, MrBeast came under fire for allegedly lying in one of his videos starring his best friend Chris Tyson and Karl Jacobs. The Youtuber was accused of producing fake content in a video titled, '$1 vs $500,000 Plane Ticket!'

The video was posted three weeks ago and it received 135 million views and 4.7 million likes on it. There were numerous rumors regarding him being paid to make the video after it was uploaded. NonStop Dan, a YouTuber, asserts that MrBeast funded the airline video out of his own pocket.


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What did NonStop Dan claim?

Nonstop Dan, one of the individuals that collaborated with MrBeast on the film, recently discussed how the video was produced. He claimed the MrBeast team had numerous difficulties when attempting to record the video. One of the problems was getting approval to shoot the video. NonStop Dan said, “You might be surprised that, not only did he pay full price for all his tickets — sometimes buying out the whole first-class cabin for tens of thousands of dollars — but the airlines didn’t even want him on board,” as per The Sports Rush.


He further claimed, “His team had a huge battle to even be allowed to record. Point is, the airlines made literally hundreds of thousands of dollars and got over 100 million views of free promo, all while giving MrBeast a hard time."

One of his more ambitious endeavors was this one, and shockingly, MrBeast reportedly lost a lot of money while attempting to make the film. Additionally, MrBeast has stated that he doesn't really care about the financial success of the films he produces. He claimed that the main reason he is concerned with money is so that he may develop his team and his business and help more people. It is not a matter of lifestyle, he claims.


What was MrBeast's video about? 

MrBeast travels on aircraft with varying fares in the video. He boards the cheapest plane, with a ticket costing just $1, and then flies to locations that cost $1,000 and finally $10,000. He continues to fly in more expensive aircraft, such as those costing $25,000, $100,000, $300,000, and ultimately, the most expensive one, which was close to $500,000. Karl Jacobs and Chris Tyson, MrBeast's closest friends, could be seen in the video.



Despite the fact that the video's primary goal was to amuse viewers, MrBeast nevertheless received a lot of negative feedback because it was implied that he was being paid to advertise the airlines.

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 MrBeast: Did YouTuber get NO money for his airline video with 135M views?