'Moving For Love': Athena and Rohan's long-distance romance dubbed 'ridiculous'

'Moving For Love': Athena and Rohan's long-distance romance dubbed 'ridiculous'
Athena and Rohan in 'Moving For Love'(HGTV)

HGTV fans love to binge on every new home renovation show on the channel just to witness some of the fanciest and most beautiful houses. But this time, the viewers were not just treated with one of the best houses but also with some relationship dramas between the couples.

HGTV's 'Moving for Love' shows how a couple mutually decides to move in together after spending some time in their long-distance relationships. But what if these decisions take a dramatic turn in their life? In Episode 5 of the 'Moving for Love,' Athena and Rohan are the high school sweethearts who have been living in a long-distance relationship since their high school ended. If you like this show's plot then there are some other shows that might interest you like 'Unfinished Business', 'Outgrown' and 'Houses with History'.


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The duo starts planning a new beginning together in their new house. Of course, basic things like proximity to workplace and family, living standards and budget are always considered. But unlike others, Athena is different; Rohan convinced her to leave everything behind just for an engagement ring. Athena and Rohan visited many beautiful houses to choose the one they wanted to start their new lives. Although Athena was very sure that she wouldn't be able to find a new job with her profession in Portland, just for the sake of an engagement ring she decided to move in with Rohan and make adjustments to everything.

As soon as the episode ended, viewers jumped in to have a say on what they felt was wrong with Athena and Rohan, but a majority of them were slamming the show's content. A viewer sarcastically said, "Put a ring on it Johan #movingforlove." Another disappointed fan tweeted, "C’mon @hgtv can we just go back to the good old days of 2 solid hours of #HouseHunters I can’t even anymore with this #movingforlove UNLESS the last 5 minutes is a snapshot of a year later." Another fan called the show 'ridiculous' by tweeting, "Fun fact...#movingforlove is from the producers of #90DayFiance and #loveafterlockup... ...which explains the ridiculousness of these people!"




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