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'Mountain Men': Tom Oar quotes $500 for beaver hide, fans say untanned hide would cost just $50

Fans say while the hide itself would cost just $50, tanning alone couldn't possibly add $450 to the price
Tom Oar (History Channel)
Tom Oar (History Channel)

Tom Oar is back on 'Mountain Men' and fans cannot contain their excitement. However, there's one aspect of his return that some cannot seem to make peace with. It is the price of the beaver he caught — $500 for one. For every detractor, there are several supporters and this case is no different. 

"Joe Johnston Just curious how do you get 500 for a beaver," a fan asked, to which another responded: "If you watched what Tom does to the skin you would understand. He takes finished product to buyer who has nothing to do to it except to sell. The money is in the finished product."

"He may get $50 for top lot at NAFTA for untanned fur. Tanning it isn't going to add $450 lol," a user pointed out and added: "And he uses round metal hoops. Fur buyers will still buy them but they prefer them to be laid out on the beaver pattern they list on their website so that the beavers are stretched to their natural oval shape. Not round." Even though this user makes a valid argument, a Tom loyalist would never give up: "It’s not just a tanned hide. The way Tom markets it, it’s considered folk art."

Whatever the case may be, it was indeed a relief for those viewers who have been wanting to catch a glimpse of Tom doing what he does best — surviving the wild without a care in the world. This was a fresh departure from watching Jake Herak chase mountain lions with his dogs, which has easily been one of the most repeated and boring storylines of this season, according to viewers.

Brothers Harry and Kidd Youren's adventures too didn't find an audience. They rode on their horses across the mountains, which should warrant some excitement, but unfortunately, seasoned viewers want to see some real survival in the wild and that is exactly what Tom brings with him on the show. Josh Kirk filled in for him for a while by hunting bison and deer for hide and meat but that was shortlived.

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