'Mountain Men' Season 9: Fans say 'boring' storylines are making them want to quit watching show

Fans seem to be done with watching 'Mountain Men' because the storylines have become repetitive

                            'Mountain Men' Season 9: Fans say 'boring' storylines are making them want to quit watching show
(History Channel)

It's been just a few weeks since 'Mountain Men' Season 9 has aired and the viewers are already 'bored' and 'disappointed' with the show. They want Morgan Beasley, Margaret Stern and Marty Meierotto back but are stuck with Jake Herak and his walker hounds, who chase away mountain lions together. 

"I am really disappointed in this show, I have been watching it every since it started and this year is the worst," a viewer commented and added: "Not sure if I want to still keep watching this or not. They need to go back to the way it was in the beginning." While another fan quit watching the show because it's not the same anymore and the storylines aren't up to the mark. "I stopped watching. It’s just not the same. So disappointed in the show now. Too bad, there were some good storylines in the past."

There were also few who thought that the show was boring and had lost its charm, which made them either fast-forward the episode or switch channels. "The first show of the season, I fast forwarded through 99% of it. Boring," a fan expressed, while another wrote: "I always watched it. Somehow it’s lost it’s zip. Go back to the old style of the show."

"My husband and I are disappointed with this season! Bring back Morgan & Margaret, Marty and Rick! Show more of Tom & Shawn, more of Eaustus Conway. Send the cowboy brothers HOME," a viewer demanded. 

In all honesty, Jake's storyline has become repetitive. It's understandable that he specializes in driving away wild animals but to tape him do the same thing over and over again gets a tad boring. Except once when things got challenging at his end and he had no clue where his dogs went, fearing they may have been attacked by the big cats. 

The GPS tracker went missing and there was blood in the trail, which had Jake worried sick. When he finally found the hounds, he saw one of them had been injured by one of the lions and was immediately treated. If the channel continues to add tiny bits of adventure and thrill to Jake's storyline, it would improve and hopefully have the fans' seal of approval. 

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