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'Mountain Men': Josh Kirk hunts down mature buck and takes a bite of its heart to free its spirit

'I do not like the new guy, Josh. He just doesn't fit,' a fan commented
Josh Kirk (History)
Josh Kirk (History)

History Channel's 'Mountain Men' has returned with Season 9 with new adventures and a cast member, who has surely left a lasting impression on the viewers and not in a good way.

Josh Kirk, a bison rancher living in Wyoming's Wind River Range, made quite a bold appearance on the show. He hunted down a mature buck and as soon as it was down, he ran up and cut the carcass up, scooped out its heart and ate a bite of it to free its spirit. 

Later, he cut up portions of the meat and seasoned it with extra salt and cayenne pepper, left it to cure in the smokehouse for a couple of days. As Josh goes through the process, he narrates how cured meat can last for as long as eight months. However, Josh and his family are only looking at surviving the winter this year. 

However, fans seem to have made clear that they don't like Josh that much. "I do not like the new guy, Josh. He just doesn't fit. Love Tom, Eustace, Morgan and the fellow from the Ozarks, but no on Josh. I like the new lion hunter also, but miss Rich," a fan commented while another shared: "No thanks. This man looks crazy. I will find another show."

However, there was one who sat on the fence with her opinion on Josh. She wrote that she hasn't seen much of this mountain man to comment fiercely on him. But she did not like Jake Herak and her mountain lion hunts. 

"I’m still sick of the guy that keeps chasing off what seems like the same mountain lion over and over. It probably isn’t the same lion, but is the same old boring story. I always fast forward through his parts," she writes. 

Jake wanted to ward off the lions and had sent his three dogs to sniff them out. Unfortunately, one of them went missing. When Jake didn't find them on his GPS tracker, he got worried and went looking. One of the canines was injured and attacked by a lion. A gash on the paws and a tooth mark on the dog's collar confirmed it.

In a nutshell, it was a thrilling premiere episode and was as real as it could get. Catch all the new episodes of 'Mountain Men' on History every Thursday.