'Mountain Men': Jason wants to put his injured hand to the test, but will he be able to operate the grinder?

Jason Hawk is ready to test his hand after having an accident on the grinder but will he get the same results?

                            'Mountain Men': Jason wants to put his injured hand to the test, but will he be able to operate the grinder?
Jason (History)

Mountain Men's Jason Hawk had been struggling with an injured hand ever since he had an accident with the grinder. Nearly three months ago, Jason had been using the grinder to sharpen the knife he had made and it led to an incident that cost him a fractured hand and a couple of broken bones. Undoubtedly, Jason's work was getting affected as he was unable to perform to his fullest. One of the struggles he faced was not being able to make tools as he used to. With the inability to use his hand to its full potential, Jason had to settle for tasks that were less tiring and won't put stress on his hand. 

However, after spending nearly three months waiting for his hand to heal, Jason was ready to give a shot at making his famous 10-inch blade. Jason's famous blade has always fetched him money and after facing financial issues due to his hand, Jason knew he had to get back into the game fast and with something that could bring him the money. 

Luckily for him, his wife had been helping out while his hand healed but he took the decision of not waiting any longer. Jason started by bringing all the material that was needed to make the knife. Once Jason was done melting the steel, he molded it to take the shape of a knife. After getting the shape right, he let it sit for a while to make sure that the knife had no deformity. Once he was pleased with the way it looked, it was time for him to use the grinder to sharpen the knife. This was the first time Jason was using the grinder after the incident. 

Without hesitating, he started his work and within seconds, he got the result that he was hoping for. With a perfectly shaped blade, the next step on the list was to connect the wooden handle to the blade. Once he got that into place, Jason was pleased with the result. 

He admitted that his hand was not 100 percent fine but it was in a position to work. Jason then took his finished work to his family who admitted that he had done a good job. With a perfectly shaped knife in his hand, Jason was sure that he could sell it for a good price. 

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