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Is 'Mountain Men' losing its sheen? Fans are blaming Jake Herak and his dogs for the show's lameness

Viewers were hoping to get a glimpse of Tom Oar and Eustace Conway this week but were fed with repetitive content instead
Jake Herak (History)
Jake Herak (History)

'Mountain Men' returned this week with segments where Jake Herak, Josh Kirk, Kidd Youren and Harry Youren are doing their jobs, chasing mountain lions, curing bison hide and traveling far and wide on their horses. On the surface, this makes for good TV because it's out of the ordinary and something we don't see city people do. But fans of the History channel show have higher expectations from the makers. They were hoping to get a glimpse of Tom Oar and Eustace Conway this week but were fed with repetitive content instead.

Jake Herak covers the snow-clad mountains with his Treeing Walker Coonhound puppies, who walk icy pathways and steep hills to chase away mountain lions. Once, one of them was attacked even. The GPS tracker attached to its collar stopped sending out signal, which had Jake worried. He went looking after it and when he finally was able to locate, he saw that the lion had jumped and tried to kill it — the collar had a large hole on it which appeared like a tooth mark. 

Even though it's fascinating to watch puppies chase after lions, this has been going on for a couple of weeks now, which has the viewers bored. Some even feel the show will get better if they edited out Jake's scenes with his dogs.

"If we could just do away with or at least see less of the Mountain Lion Trackers... the show would be much much better... They just bore me to tears... but it does give me a chance to put clothes in the dryer and do other chores," a fan commented, while another shared: "Last week's episode was very disappointing! I wanted to see Tom, Eustace, Morgan I didn't care much for the new dog chaser or the 2 brothers. You all just kept showing Jason."

"Yep, the dog guys are both about as interesting as that dime-store cowboy and his kid were," a viewer expressed. "I miss the regulars, I can live with Jason, but please The cowboys, dog guy are really lame oh and the new ones with husband and wife that just cured the bison hide, really don’t need them either. Show records for an hour watched like 5 minutes!!!!," another pointed out. 

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