General Sarah Alder (Lyne Renee) has done the unthinkable. She has taken control of the mind of the President of the United States, in order to stay in power. It is a desperate move that might put Alder firmly on the side of villainy. This leaves the fate of Scylla (Amalia Horn) somewhat in question - as her captor, Anacostia Quartermain (Demetria McKinney), maybe seeking as many rebels as she can to keep herself safe from Alder.

The Bellweather unit, in the meanwhile, may now know the full extent of Alder's corruption - but they still have to follow orders. 

The promo shared by the official 'Motherland: Fort Salem' YouTube channel features several key scenes. Tally Craven (Jessica Sutton) feels the sting of Alder's heel turn most strongly - she's always been the one most loyal to the idea of the Witches' Army and all it stood for. The Bellweather unit is seen working with Alder, however, who attempts to defend her actions as a dangerous operation against the Spree is undertaken.

Things must be dire if Alder is taking in new cadets once again - although it is possible that she just believes the new recruits are the most expendable.

Scylla, in the meanwhile, maybe making her escape. She is seen talking to Anacostia about the futility of concepts like "good" and "evil." Whatever else she's talking about appears to be affecting Anacostia in a major way, as we see tears streaming down her face. It's possible that we may finally be getting answers about Scylla's origins, and her induction into the Spree. Scylla promised to reveal that story if she was allowed to see Raelle Collar (Taylor Hickson) one last time - and though that meeting did not go as well as Scylla had hoped, she may still be a woman of her word.

However, that's not the only scene that's shown concerning Scylla. We see an unconscious Anacostia on the floor in front of the chair used to hold Scylla captive - a chair that, in the scene, is empty. Scylla may have managed to escape, although what that means for her and Raelle is unclear. Will Scylla go back to the Spree, or is she an outcast from both the Spree and the Witch Army? 

You can see the official promo below:



This episode of 'Motherland: Fort Salem' airs May 20, on Freeform. 

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