'Motherland: Fort Salem' Episode 2: Steamy scene between Raelle and Scylle makes queer fans feel validated

The episode opened with a steamy scene and queer fans are showing their appreciation

                            'Motherland: Fort Salem' Episode 2: Steamy scene between Raelle and Scylle makes queer fans feel validated
Raelle Collar and Scylla (Freeform)

Spoilers for 'Motherland: Fort Salem' Season 1 Episode 2 'My Witches'

'Motherland: Fort Salem' had one hell of an opener and while some fans just enjoyed the steaminess of it, for others, the show is validating queer identities in a major way. Episode 2 opens with Raelle Collar (Taylor Hickson) and Scylla (Amelia Horn) in bed together in a steamy make-out scene, and fans couldn't be happier. 

"Scylla and Raelle being super cute kicking this episode off! That’s a secure area!" says one user on Twitter, referring to Scylla's joke that she needs to 'secure this area' as she kisses Raelle's waist.

"YOU'RE OPENING WITH RAELLE AND SCYLLA IN BED?!? I'm too gay for this shit" exclaims another viewer. "Thank you Freeform, for the gay," writes this fan, with another claiming that if the show's seeking to bring in a queer audience, they've succeeded. "Okay #Motherland, you don't need to try so hard. The queers are here. WE'RE HERE!" the user said.

The show's queer fandom appears to strongly connect with the show, feeling like 'Motherland: Fort Salem' recognizes queer relationships in a way that many other shows do not.

"Honestly this show just reaffirms my lesbianism and i’m here for it," says this fan. This viewer writes, "#Motherland makes me feel queer in a very specific genre TV kind of way. There is just something about watching a cast like this existing in a world like theirs that makes me feel powerful and engaged and seen 2 eps in and I would ride or die for these ladies. Love. This. Show."

This fan tweeted their heartfelt appreciation for the show's opening scene. "I love that #Motherland is so casually giving us beautifully shot queer content right off the bat without episodes of angst or set up. We just exist there. Powerful and queer. This show is quickly becoming one of my favorites."

Despite the fact that Scylla has been revealed to be an agent of the terrorist organization known as the Spree, the enthusiasm for shippers of the Raelle and Scylla relationship remains undimmed. 

The next episode of 'Motherland: Fort Salem' airs April 1 on Freeform

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