'Motherland: Fort Salem' Episode 10: Tally's sacrifice in emotional finale leaves fans shocked and devastated

Tally's devastating decision shocked a lot of the show's viewers, and they desparately hope her choice can be reversed

                            'Motherland: Fort Salem' Episode 10: Tally's sacrifice in emotional finale leaves fans shocked and devastated
Jessica Sutton (Freeform)

Spoilers for 'Motherland: Fort Salem' Season 1 Episode 10 'Witchbomb'

The season finale for 'Motherland: Fort Salem' pulled no punches, introducing an all-new threat to the witches of America in the form of the Camarilla. The episode was filled with powerful, emotional moments but none pulled at the viewers' heartstrings more than the fate of Tally Craven (Jessica Sutton).

Tally, who has been on one hell of a ride through the season, has slowly been worn down by disillusionment. However, some terse words spoken with General Alder (Lyne Renee) instilled just enough faith or possibly, just enough doubt in Tally's mind to make a crucial decision at a critical moment. Tally permanently sacrificed her youth to save Alder's life, and fans lost their mind over the devastating moment.

Even before that moment, Tally was getting some of the finale's standout moments, between her confronting Alder and then using her Seer abilities to keep her unit safe. "Really loving Tally this episode. I admire her heart and vulnerability but also the no-bullshit attitude she’s got going on with Alder right now is," wrote one fan, on Twitter. "Tally is so powerful I'm losing my mind," wrote another. "DAMN TALLY COMING IN CLUTCH," wrote a fan, as Tally saved Alder and her unit from the advancing Camarilla troops. “They’re coming from both sides." 

Then, came the moment that shocked fans everywhere. Alder's near-death when the death of one of her biddies caused Alder to rapidly age. Tally made her choice to give up her youth immediately. "TALLY WHY WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT," wrote a horrified fan. "Oh Tally. She just gave the biggest sacrifice," wrote another. "Tally from day one was always so invested in the cause, in the mission, in the good that the military could do...now she's a biddy I'm so shaken," wrote a viewer. "This whole time. this whole foreshadowing. tally," noted this viewer, realizing that the show had always been leading up to this moment. We're so shocked we cant even process enough to tweet," wrote a 'Motherland: Fort Salem' fan account during their livetweet.

Some fans held Alder responsible for this turn of events. "Nooooooooooo Daughter!!! @Motherland That General Alder just takes and takes!!!!" writes a viewer. "Alder: You’re not good enough for War College. Also Alder: Give me all your baby energy," wryly notes one fan.

Most fans, however, just want Tally's instant aging to be reversed. "CONTROL Z THIS RIGHT. NOW!" demands one fan. "Yo they better not leave Tally like that," said another. "What?!!! Nooooooo Tally did not just do that?! Are u kidding me??? What what what. But we need @JessLauraSutton in bellweather unit next season.She did not need to do that! Couldn’t raelle have just healed her?! wtf They did not take tally from us," wrote this one bewildered viewer. "Tally, no, no, no, no!!! That’s better be a reversible because nobody is stealing my girl’s lifetime!" declared another fan.

By the episode's end, however, Tally remained aged, meaning that she will continue to be so until at least the first episode of Season 2. The show has given no indication that the role of a biddy is anything but permanent.

Tally Craven has come a long way from the wide-eyed idealist we saw in the pilot episode and fans deeply appreciated the growth she was given, despite the horror at her sacrifice. "Tally has come so far. From cinnamon roll to total badass and @JessLauraSuttonhas portrayed each facet so perfectly. Never have I ever loved some other cast so fully and wholly," writes a fan, adding, "@Motherland really understands the definition of character growth."

'Motherland: Fort Salem' has been renewed for a Season 2, though no release date has been set yet.

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