'Motherland: Fort Salem' Episode 10 Review: New secrets and sacrifices in the finale set the tone for Season 2

'Motherland: Fort Salem' Episode 10 Review: New secrets and sacrifices in the finale set the tone for Season 2

Spoilers for 'Motherland: Fort Salem' Episode 10 'Witchbomb'

'Motherland' has been one of those rare TV series that has managed to run a full season. With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, much of the shows were cut short after production screeching to a jarring halt. That said, there's every reason why 'Motherland' fans will be praying that a Season 2 (already confirmed) will hit screens as soon as possible. Note that we shouldn't be holding our breath as production as Season 2 would take a while considering all that's happening.

'Witchbomb' leaves almost every storyline unfinished. A cliffhanger was on the cards, but not of this magnitude where the sheer surprise can seem like one of Abigail's wind strikes. Speaking of Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams), she and Raelle (Taylor Hickson) are part of an ending that we didn't see coming. Tally Craver's supreme sacrifice to become a biddy was an equal surprise. It was saddening to see how she aged to breathe life into a dying Alder (Lyne Renee).

The final mission sees them meet the Tarim in the Altai Mountains, but as the Spree warned Alder, the Camarilla were there and the witches find themselves in an ambush. The mid-act is probably the most action-packed sequence we have witnessed through the entire series after the Bellweather-Spree scrimmage earlier in the season. It ends with Raelle stabbed from behind and Abigail rushing out to help her. And while the witches beat a hasty retreat, Raelle unleashes a sort of hidden power after coming close to her death. 

So, as far as the deaths go, we can be pretty sure that neither of them are dead. Or that is the general fan theory at the moment. But it's not to say that sacrifices have been made. And each of the characters has, in their own way. For Tally, it was her youth. Raelle, probably Scylla (Amalia Hlm) and her life (the second one is still a topic of hot discussion), and Abigail left war college so she could be part of the unit. 

We had theorized back then Raelle's mother was indeed part of Spree, and that bomb is dropped in the final minutes when a freed Scylla walks into what looks like a nice quaint home in a suburb. But not before she and Anacostia finally bond with the latter giving Scylla a fighting chance despite her being the Spree. There are still some dots that need to be connected as Raelle's mom hoped that Scylla would bring Raelle in. However, this is a storyline that's saved for Season 2. 

General Alder is almost humanized in this fitting finale. Her reasons for all the secrecy came at a cost and she adds there are no regrets as it was the best she could do when things went south. That she defends the Tarim and her fellow witches standing in the forefront gives a glimpse of the impact personality she is. 

'Witchbomb' is a worthy finale. For those unhappy that major plot threads weren't tied up, it should be noted that Season 2 was always in the works. The slow buildup and the meticulous detailing that had gone into the first few episodes was a hint that Freeform wouldn't rush this one and call it after 10 episodes. 'Motherland: Fort Salem's biggest challenge was consistency, and it seems to have vaulted that pole.

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