Norwegian mom of triplets shows the ‘reality’ of a new mother’s body on social media in candid snaps

Maria Nordø Jørstad has garnered a lot of attention for her honest photographs of her baby bump and post-pregnancy body after giving birth to triplets

                            Norwegian mom of triplets shows the ‘reality’ of a new mother’s body on social media in candid snaps

A Norwegian mother has gone viral for showing off her massive baby bump when she was pregnant with triplets. She has continued to post pictures post-pregnancy, including showing her shrinking tummy. 

The mother of four, Maria Nordø Jørstad, lives in Denmark and has been taking to her Instagram handle to share pictures of her triplets - Iben, Filip, and Agnes. She has also been sharing pictures of her changing body post-pregnancy. Maria is eager to talk about the 'taboo' topic of her post-baby body. 

She has been very candid about how long it is taking her to recover from the pregnancy. As reported by Femail, "I think I had it in the back of my mind [to continue taking pictures after giving birth], I thought it would be interesting to show the other side of it as well because there aren't many people who share that."

"[My stomach] is still showing, I was kind of surprised that it was still so big. I didn't know that it takes such a long time to shrink. I found it kind of interesting, this is the reality for many women and you never see pictures like that," she continued.

Within a week of sharing a video of her baby bump at 34 weeks, her Instagram followers have increased from 4,000 to more than 200,000. She has received a lot of praise and many compliments from mothers for her honest pictures. One of her recent pictures which showed her body just four weeks after giving birth garnered around 25,000 likes.

One fan commented: "Thanks for sharing "real" photos. Hope you are doing well with the triplets!!" Another fan added, "I'm so glad you posted this picture because it is horrible [that we] live in a fake world... Not every woman has a beautiful body after pregnancy." A third fan added, "Thank you for being so honest and brave! Lots of Love and Respect from Germany!"

Maria chose to start her Instagram handle as she had never met anyone who had given birth to triplets and she was keen to document the magical process. She is hoping that her story will inspire others to speak out and share their own stories about what their bodies go through after giving birth. 

"I think that there has been a small revolution in the last few years - with the MeToo and Time's up movements in the front line — where women have started speaking up about female issues that until now have been kind of taboo. Not spoken about. And social media has been the biggest platform to share these personal stories, like how you look and feel like after giving birth," Maria said.

Maria will be continuing to post pictures of her post-partum body and will focus on getting her body back to normal. "I compared it with my first pregnancy where I got back to shape really quickly. I just want my body back and to wear normal clothes again, I'm still having to wear pregnancy trousers and pants and it's so heavy to carry around," she added.