Mother kills 2-year-old by adding fatal dose of prescription meds to his sippy cup before slitting her own wrists

42-year-old Jennifer A Clarey from Tullytown has been charged with criminal homicide three weeks after her two-year-old son died of apparent drug overdose

                            Mother kills 2-year-old by adding fatal dose of prescription meds to his sippy cup before slitting her own wrists

The authorities in Bucks County have said that three weeks after a two-year-old boy had been found dead at his home in lower Bucks County, his mother was arrested and accused of killing him by adding a lethal dose of prescription pills to his sippy cup.

42-year-old Jennifer A Clarey from Tullytown has now been charged with criminal homicide and was arraigned on September 18 in the Bristol District Court. She has now been ordered to be held without bail. District Attorney Matthew Weintraub announced at a press conference in Tullytown's municipal building: "Plain and simple, this was a murder." Clarey is also said to have an older child but police officials would not reveal whether she has custody of the child.

The authorities have alleged that Clarey poisoned her child, Mazikeen Curtis, on purpose with a fatal dose of hydrocodone, otherwise known as Vicodin, at their home on Lovett Avenue on August 25. It was reported that she then slashed her own wrists, reported the Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to a criminal complaint that was filed against Clarey, employees from the Bucks County Children and Youth Services went to the home at around 10:05 pm on August 25 to perform a wellness check on the child but the mother appeared to be "intoxicated" and did not cooperate with them. The employees then called the Tullytown Police who went to the scene and knocked on the door a few times to no avail.

The complaint states that the officers were finally able to gain entry into the home after a while and found the body of the toddler on a bed. There had been blood all over the bedding that the child's body was on. The complaint reads: "The child showed no signs of life, was stiff and cold to the touch."

Weintraub said in the press conference that he believed the child had been dead for a few hours before the police and employees from child services went to the home.

Even though the authorities said that the boy did not show any signs of trauma on the outside, his brain had been "swollen and dusky", which is a sign that is consistent with a drug overdose and, in this case, the drugs had been hydrocodone and diphenhydramine.

Clarey had been sent to the hospital to treat the injuries on her wrists and, according to the complaint, she received multiple stitches on each arm.


The complaint also stated that the investigators found a knife and razor blades that were coated with blood in the home the following day. They also found Clarey's prescription bottle of 120 hydrocodone pills in a locked box. The bottle was empty. Investigators also discovered an empty four-ounce bottle of children's Benadryl in the trash can with the cap still on. Weintraub said in the conference that it would have been impossible for the child to open the child-safe prescription bottles.

While the police were investigating the series of events that led to that evening, they found out that a man had been at Clarey's home and had left around 8:30 am on August 25. They contacted the man who said that the toddler had been alive and had been watching television when he left the home. He also confirmed that Clarey had been at the home when he left. The identity of the mystery man and his relationship to the mother and child were not disclosed.

So far, Clarey is the only person who has been charged with the death of her son. The authorities have not said if more charges were to be expected in the case. Weintraub said at the press conference that investigators could not find a motive for the murder but that he did not think it was an accident. He said: "I believe it was certainly a killing with malice which would make it a murder."