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Mother strangled 11-year-old son for playing on phone till late night, dumped body in neighbor's garage

The 33-year-old mother, a divorcee, initially tried to hide the fact that her son had died by claiming that the child had run away from home when she had confronted him on his behavior
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(Getty Images)

A mother has been accused of strangling her 11-year-old son to death after she became fed up with him playing till late night on his cell phone. Alexandra Dougokenski of Brazil has confessed to killing her own son, Rafael, after she was charged with murder on Thursday, July 2. The 33-year-old mother is a divorcee who initially tried to hide the fact that her son had died by claiming that the child had run away from home when she had confronted him on his behavior and an argument ensued, the Daily Mail reported.  

An extensive search was launched by the police, which included sniffer dogs and anxious family and friends as volunteers. All of them thoroughly scanned the forest near Planato, Rio Grande do Sul state. The search failed to reveal the whereabouts of Rafael. Soon after, the suspect broke down and revealed that she had flown into a rage and strangled the victim with a clothesline. She confessed that she "couldn't live with the lie anymore" and needed to offload the "burden" on her conscience.

Ten days after Rafael went missing, his mother pointed the police to the place where she had hidden his body. The authorities found human remains in a large cardboard box in the garage of a neighbor's house just six yards from the family's property on May 25. The corpse in question was wrapped in a sheet with a plastic bag placed over the head. It was in a badly decomposed state. Rafael's death came just a week after he composed a poem expressing how much he loved his mother. In his creation, he thanked his mother for looking after him and his brother and said that she meant "everything" to him. 

Earlier this month we reported that a young girl from Louisiana went to visit her godmother for a week in Texas where she was allegedly beaten to death and strangled by her godmother. Brenika Lott, 32, has been charged with capital murder for the death of her goddaughter Daviana Landry, 5. According to Daviana's family, the Louisiana girl had gone to visit her godmother whom she would fondly call 'nana'. According to WWLTV, the child had gone to visit Lott the day after Father's Day and was dead five days later. A relative of Daviana, Alice Landry said, "She had my baby more than one time, and I would have never, ever suspected anything like this because she loved my baby."

On June 26, the Orange police authorities were called to Lott's home where they found Lott performing CPR on the child. A probable cause affidavit revealed that the child had some bruising on her arms, her chest, and her face. Her eyes "appeared swollen shut." While speaking to the police, Lott said that when she awoke the morning of Friday, June 26, at 11.05 am, she noticed that her five-year-old goddaughter, was lying on the living room floor, completely naked. Lott said she immediately awakened her son, had him call 911, and she began to perform CPR. When the cops asked about the injuries, Lott had allegedly claimed that they had been a result of mosquito bites. 

She also allegedly said that one of the injuries that was on the back of Daviana's head had been due to a slip-and-slide accident. Lott's 11-year-old son said otherwise and allegedly told the authorities that he saw his mother 'slapping, choking, and beating up' the little girl. The affidavit reveals that preliminary autopsy results found that Daviana had suffered from "craniocerebral trauma, to include skull fractures, subdural hemorrhage, and brainstem contusions."