Watching Peppa Pig stab another character leaves 3-year-old traumatized, mother warns of violent YouTube content

Watching Peppa Pig stab another character leaves 3-year-old traumatized, mother warns of violent YouTube content
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: A mother has issued a warning and urged other parents to remain vigilant after her three-year-old son was left traumatized watching violent images on Peppa Pig. Raquel William said her son Legacy was watching Peppa Pig - a British animated television series - on his iPad when she suddenly looked over and saw  Peppa Pig violently stabbing another character.

The incident has reportedly left the young boy traumatized as his mother said she is now looking into counseling for Legacy. The little one is also not comfortable with his iPad now after the incident that happened in June. William said: “It was around 9 pm, and due to coronavirus he's been on the iPad more often because there isn't much else for him to do. I noticed his facial expressions changed so I became curious and I could hear some ominous music so I was even more suspicious.

“I went over and there was Peppa Pig stabbing another character. He was traumatized. He doesn't want to play with the iPad anymore and it's sad because that's what keeps him calm and quiet before bedtime.” The mother stated that normally her son watched the children’s content on his iPad without any parental supervision, but the incident has taught her that parents "need to be on top of everything." “It's hard to do household chores and be on top of it and I use the iPad when I need him to sit down which millions of parents do,” she added.

William has also shared her experience on social media to alert other parents as she said: “Parents beat themselves up about things like this but no one expects it. There are sociopaths out there who have done this, sleeping well at night knowing they may have harmed someone else's kid. Parents just have to be more vigilant but there needs to be a change within the system.”

"I posted it on Facebook in a rush to warn my friends with kids that they need to be on top of this but I never expected it to go so viral and for this many people to see it. I want to make people aware because something has got to change,” the mother added.

According to an earlier report, Peppa Pig is a very popular show among kids. But all the credits behind its popularity goes to Harley Bird, the girl who has been giving the voice for Peppa the Pig since she was 5. The 2018 report stated that Bird, who was 16 at the time, made up to $15,262 (£12,000) per week and if things went well, she was expected to become a millionaire by the time she is 21.

“Harley is the most successful teenage voiceover artist in Britain right now. She is hot property and easily earns £1,000 an hour. She’s also difficult to replace as she’s mature enough to be a great actress but still has the distinctive voice families around the world know as Peppa,” a source said at the time.

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