Mother of teenage boys filmed attacking a McDonald's manager apologizes, says: "Ashamed my boys would do this"

The argument started when the manager asked the teens to leave for locking an employee in a cupboard and 'flicking' his cap. Since the boys were drunk, the matter got out of hand.

                            Mother of teenage boys filmed attacking a McDonald's manager apologizes, says: "Ashamed my boys would do this"
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The mother of two teenagers who were caught attacking a McDonald's manager after being asked to leave has come forward and apologized for their behavior. In a Facebook message, accessed by MailOnline she apologized and said she is 'very sad and ashamed my boys would do this', before promising to 'deal with the situation'. She also confessed that she was being sent hate messages and hoped for them to stop. The incident took place on Tuesday (August 7) around 11 pm in Boston, Lincolnshire. The two boys are expected to be between 16 and 19 years of age. The boys were filmed acting drunkenly and shouting abuses at the McDonald's staff. Witness Jasmine Brudenell, was the one who captured the brawl on her camera. The argument started when the manager told them to leave for locking an employee in a cupboard and 'flicking' his cap.   

As reported by Daily Mail, the boys refused to leave the restaurant and instead got angry. They hit out at the manager and he was forced to defend himself as no one stepped in. Jasmine mentioned that the teenagers were accompanied by their father when they first came into the restaurant and all three of them were drunk.

The video shows the manager trying to shield the other two staff members who were being hit by the two teenagers. While the customers turned their back on the situation, most of them were seen laughing at the situation instead of intervening and diffusing the situation. "The tall McDonald's worker went up to them and nicely asked ''I’m going to have to ask you to leave," Jasmine said. 

"I sensed it was going to erupt. Sometimes you can tell when someone is so drunk that there is no chance of reasoning with them," she continued. The situation turned out worse as one of the teenagers starts throwing punches at the manager, grabbing onto his collar and using his other hand to beat him further. The other teen then joins to pummel the manager further. "They were so intoxicated, There was no stopping this – they would have hit anyone who got in the way," she said. 

Customers present at the restaurant at the time of the incident included kids and old people as well. Anyone could have been hurt. "All the other guys were friends with them and carried on laughing," she further added. Jasmine added that the boys' father was also drunk and decided to leave the restaurant and sit in his truck when his children started attacking. At one point, one of the teenagers tackled the worker to the ground, but still, no one intervened to help.

The attack lasted for about 30 seconds inside McDonald's and the manager managed to push the teen outside the door. Jasmine added that even near the exit the two teenagers beat the manager for two minutes. "When they went outside, in front of the store, they then used a metal bar they pulled off the door and tried to hit him," she said. "The McDonald's staff member took a lot of punches. After they’d gone, [he] went into the back.'" Police arrived at the location 10 minutes after the boys left.