Proud fiancée reveals how 'hero' partner, 28, who died of a brain tumor has saved five other lives by donating his organs

Her husband of died of brain tumor and was unable to spend more than one Christmas with his son but even in his death, he had taught him the gift of sharing.

                            Proud fiancée reveals how 'hero' partner, 28, who died of a brain tumor has saved five other lives by donating his organs

The mother-of-one Corinne Hynes was completely devasted at the news of her partner's death but the 26-year-old was reassured of how great a man her fiance was when she received a letter after his death. David Llewellyn, whom Hynes was supposed to marry in July, sadly passed away only weeks after the couple celebrated their son's first Christmas together. The 28-year-old was diagnosed with brain tumor in October 2016 and had already informed his friends that he would be donating his organs to others after his death. Hynes came to know once she received the letter which stated that David had saved the lives of five people. 

According to Mirror, Corinne said that she as extremely proud after his death on January 24, "We discovered he had registered when he was 17. He was always a hero throughout his life and he's now a hero forever. It makes me feel better to know someone out there will have his heart for example." David's decision to donate his organs has saved five people which includes three men in their 50s and two women in their 30s, most of who were on the waiting list for several years looking for a donor. 



Corinne took to social media to share a letter which she received from NHS. The letter read, "Dear Corrine and family, As promised, this letter contains information about those who have benefited following David’s donation. Organ donation saves and transforms the lives of those lucky enough to receive a transplant. “I am pleased to tell you that a the time of writing this letter five people have received an organ transplant...I hope that this information brings you some comfort and that you feel proud of the difference David has made to others through the gift of organ donation." The letter was also shared by Faye Gatenby, David' cousin. 



David and Corinne had been together for around nine years, and their life and relationship was unfortunately interrupted by cancer. Following the initial diagnosis, David was offered a post in the offices as a mechanical estimator. Corinne said he was a very conscientious worker, and despite losing his driving license due to his condition he "still somehow managed to get there and back every day". "He was such an intelligent clever lad, and always such a hard worker," she said. "It's devastating that he only got 28 years but he did so much in those 28 years," she added.

Three years ago, he was unexpectedly diagnosed with a tumor which was removed in 2016. Unfortunately, the tumor returned last year, and it came in the form of microtumors. He had somehow managed to come back home from the hospital to enjoy the Christmas with his son. Corinne continues to remain proud of her fiance, as she said, "We are so proud and would like to shout from the rooftops how proud we are of him. We had only been talking about it a few months ago and he said it was something he had really wanted to but couldn't remember if he'd signed up."

David's funeral is being held on Friday, February 15, at St Bede's Chapel at Teesside Crematorium. The family is taking donations for the Brain Tumour Charity.