Mother of four found strangled to death after two dogs pulled the leads wrapped around her neck

Mother of four found strangled to death after two dogs pulled the leads wrapped around her neck
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A mother of four was found dead by a young girl after she was strangled up by the leads which were being pulled by two dogs, an inquest was told. Deborah Mary Roberts, 47, a warehouse worker, was found lying face down in some grassland with the dog leads wrapped around her neck on July 8 after the girl saw the woman and tried to get help, the Daily Mail reports. An inquest was made aware that two men had been working at an address on Southleigh Drive in Garden Village, Wrexham, North Wales. The girl, who approached the duo, told them that the woman was choking and needed help. The trio then went to the grassland area where Roberts was laying. While paramedics tried to do all they could to revive Roberts, she was pronounced dead at the scene. 

A senior coroner for North Wales East and Central, John Gittins, said the post-mortem examination had revealed a provisional cause of death as asphyxia due to strangulation. Gittins added that there was no suspicion of any foul play involved in Roberts's death. The tragedy had taken place close to a popular dog walking area near her home. "Deb's passing has left everyone in the family utterly devastated. She was an amazing mother with a huge heart. She had time and love for everyone," a family source told The Sun. "She was devoted to her four sons. They were her world," the insider said. One of Roberts' sons, Callum, took to Facebook to pay tribute to his mother. He had written, "My brothers and I are so overwhelmed by all the lovely comments about my mum, she really was one of a kind and we’ll miss her so much." A friend commented on the post and wrote, "Your mum was a wonderful woman with a heart of gold. Its a privilege to have known her. They say God takes the best and heaven has gained an true angel (sic)."

Another friend shared, "Your Mum was a wonderful lady with a huge heart and the best sense of humor. She Loved you all more than you will ever know and was so proud of you." A family member had written, "You always know how to make me and my son laugh. I have lots of memories of you and I will never forget you and the angels will be looking after you and my thoughts and prayers are with you." One of Roberts' neighbors, Dai Jones, said that Roberts was "one of the nicest people you'd ever wish to meet". Jones added, "She was a kind, lovely woman. When my wife died many years ago, Deb took me under her wing and helped me get through it. She was wonderfully kind." "She lost her husband, Paul, around three years ago and that was hard for her and their four sons, who were her world. This will be so tough for the boys to take. They're young men now, but they still need parents, like all young men do. It is so, so tragic," Jones continued.

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