SHOCKING: Ex-boyfriend confesses to killing mother-of-four then stuffing her remains in a plastic bag

Bellamy Gamboa was reported missing after she failed to appear for work. After investigation her ex-lover has come forward and confessed of the murder.

                            SHOCKING: Ex-boyfriend confesses to killing mother-of-four then stuffing her remains in a plastic bag
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Virginia police are still in search of the remains of missing mother-of-four who the authorities allege was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, who has also allegedly confessed to the crime. Lamont Johnson stands accused of killing the mother of his twins, Bellamy Gamboa. Lamont allegedly told the police that she shoved Bellamy down the stairs. He then allegedly strangled her to death.

Bellamy was last seen alive on July 1 at her home

Lemont and Bellamy lived together but the two constantly had problems which also led to fights. Even the two were no longer romantically involved, they decided to stay together for the sake of their infant twins. 

As reported by People, Bellamy's missing complaint was filed on July 2 after she failed to show up for work. Her family members and friends shared her picture online in order to get any lead on her missing. Two days after the complaint was filed, her car was found near Lake Edward. The court documents state that upon questioning, Lamont admitted that he had committed the crime and described how he killed her. 

Lamont told the police that after he strangled Bellamy, he stuffed her body into a plastic bag and drove the remains to Chesapeake. Authorities are yet to recover her body. Lamont was arrested over the weekend on a second-degree murder charge. 

He has not entered a plea to the charge. Currently, he is in custody without bond. At the same time, he also faces four misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor but the court documents do not specify what led to those charges. Prior to this incident, Bellamy had gone to the police last year in order to file a complaint against Lamont. 

As reported by Crime Online, Bellamy said in her statement that Lamont would hurt her and had threatened her in the past as well. “The dad of my infant twins is continuously threatening me. We argued and he pushed me while I had our baby in my left arm and he twisted my arms,” she said according to the court documents. The incident was reported on March 5. She further made accusations about Lamont grabbed her while she called 911 and then threw her on the kitchen floor. 

"He threw my phone into the wall causing a hole, a few minutes later the police arrived. I did not press charges as I fear it will make him even angrier," she noted. Following this, on April 10, 2017, Lamont also filed a report against Bellamy. He claimed that it was Bellamy who assaulted him on March 5 and 7. "Bellamy Gamboa assaulted me on two occasions when I attempted to help my 5- month-old infants. She slapped me in the face on one occasion and pushed me in my neck on 3/7," he noted. A judge dismissed their cases in July 2017.

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