Woman who lost 280 pounds after surgery kills herself because new body made her even more depressed

Woman who lost 280 pounds after surgery kills herself because new body made her even more depressed

A woman who lost 280 pounds after undergoing a gastric bypass surgery to achieve her dream figure killed herself because her new body reportedly made her feel worse. 37-year-old Kelly Burndred committed suicide in April because of a host of problems pertaining to her body size, said husband Gareth.

According to the Daily Mail, Kelly, who had a child from her marriage to Gareth, had suffered from self-esteem issues thanks to her weight her entire life. At her heaviest in 2014, she was said to have been close to 420 pounds but was down to 150 by March 2015 after her surgery.

Gareth revealed his wife had "suffered most of her life" and was constantly obsessing over her size and that she was diagnosed with post-natal depression after the birth of their daughter in 2003. He said he was hopeful that the gastric bypass would bring about a change but it only ended up exacerbating the problem.

Speaking to the Stoke Sentinel, he said, "We hoped, after the gastric bypass, that Kelly would find the happiness she craved. But her depression got much worse. She had blamed all her problems, all her life, on her weight. So when she became thin, and she wasn’t happy, she felt like there was nowhere else to turn."

While the surgery did succeed in helping Kelly lose weight, there was a side effect: her hair began falling out. Gareth said his wife had to get a weave done to cover up her bald patches but that her character changed completely. "After the weight loss, Kelly changed mentally as well as physically. I really felt as though she was two people and I knew she felt the same," he said.

After two unsuccessful suicide attempts, Kelly took her own life in April. The first would be eight months ago when he woke up at night to find her running a bath and carrying an extension lead into the bathroom. He says she admitted she was trying to kill herself but that he managed to talk her out of it. Another time, she slipped out of the house and Gareth had to call the police to find her. She later confessed she wanted to jump off a bridge.

Kelly killed herself last April (Source: YouTube)
Kelly killed herself last April (Source: YouTube)

While she would eventually visit a private consultant for help, it would not prove effective. Recalling the night of her suicide, Gareth said, "Late that night, we lay in bed in each other’s arms, and Kelly said she couldn’t sleep and she wanted to go downstairs. I made her promise to come back to bed in an hour. I didn’t want her up all night worrying. I could hear her downstairs, I thought maybe she was on the phone and, eventually, I drifted off to sleep."

When he woke up the next morning, he saw that his wife's side of the bed was still empty. He found her lying on the floor downstairs, stone cold. He immediately called paramedics but Kelly could not be saved. She was pronounced dead later that morning.

The Sentinel reports that, following the death, Gareth and his family set up Kelly's Legacy, a group dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues and encouraging people to talk about their problems, as well as raising cash for Hanley mental health charity ‘Younger Mind’.

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