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Mother of 2-year-old slammed for 'making her son gay' after she let him wear blue dress to her wedding

Joanna Minuzzo, 39, mother of three, initially said no to her son's demand but found herself questioning her decision. She then let the child wear a 'pretty blue dress with a Minnie Mouse on it' to her wedding.

CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA: A mother revealed that she decided to let her 2-year-old son wear a pretty blue dress for her wedding after he refused to wear a suit. Joanna Minuzzo, 39, who lives in Cairns, Australia got married to her partner Najee, 31, on May 11. 

The mother of three gave her son, 2, three outfit choices which included a kilt from her home country of Scotland but he was fascinated by his sister's dresses. Minuzzo's son's love for dresses emerged in January this year after asking his mother whether he could wear his sister's dress which has a Minnie Mouse on it. Initially, she had told him that he couldn't as she thought it was not socially acceptable for boys to wear frocks. However, she found herself questioning her response.

Joanna Minuzzo decided to allow her 2-year-old son to wear a pretty blue dress for her wedding (Facebook)

As reported by DailyMail, she shared, "to start with, I told him no because boys don't wear dresses. Then I thought why not? Why can't he wear it? Who makes these rules? Who is he hurting? He is happy, why am I fighting it? Don't sweat the small stuff," she shared. 

Minuzzo explained that she had wanted her children to be "free to be who they want to be" and that she is "guided" by her son. Just a week before Minuzzo's special day, she decided to borrow a stunning blue frock for her son to wear. Many heartwarming pictures show Najee helping his son to dress as the child beams with joy. 

When Minuzzo saw the wedding pictures of the men getting ready, she was overwhelmed and humbled at her husband's attitude towards the dress. However, many have questioned why she allows her son to wear 'girls' clothing. Critics have told her that she is "making him gay" which the mother of three has called ridiculous. She shared, "I am raising children who feel secure enough in themselves to be true to who they really are. To be kind and inclusive to others too. We have a generation of adults who are too afraid of being themselves because of the fear of being judged. I want my children to know that the only person's opinion of them that matters is their own."