Epic baking fail! Mother accidentally bakes X-rated cake instead of geode crystal cake for her son's 6th birthday

All that time in the kitchen seemed to be of little help, however, when the rest of the family was left in stitches after the 6-year-old geology mad child was presented with his cake

                            Epic baking fail! Mother accidentally bakes X-rated cake instead of geode crystal cake for her son's 6th birthday

If you're reading this, then you can totally relate to experiencing an embarrassing moment;  we bet, nothing can beat the feeling of this British mum, who ended up baking an X-rated cake for her son's 6th birthday!

Kate Kirven, a mother-of-two from Oxted, Surrey, spent quite a bit of time trying to perfect a geode crystal cake for her son Finlay for his birthday. The child loves geode rock crystals, so his doting mother decided to make him one. However, the end results were nothing close to what the two would've ever imagined.

The rest of the family was left in stitches after the 6-year-old geology mad child was presented with his cake that Kate described as being a "sparkly vagina." The mother had spent two hours in the kitchen making and then decorating the golden sponge geode cake which was decked out with a split on one side that had been decorated with gold, black, and white sugar crystals. 36-year-old Kate decided to step back for a moment to take a picture of her handiwork when she realized that the cake looked x-rated, to say the least.

Finlay, fortunately, was absolutely delighted with his cake in spite of family members around him trying to hold in their laughter while he blew out the candles. The child, obviously, did not notice the mistake. Kate told the Daily Mail: "I was in the kitchen baking away and it didn't occur to me what it looked like."



Kate continued: "I was in the zone and so involved in what I was doing trying to get the crystals to stay put. It was quite intricate work, so I didn't take a proper look. I stepped back to take a picture to send to my husband, and I suddenly realized what it looked like. I was like 'oh heck.' I thought I was making Finlay a geode and then I thought 'oh no I've made him a sparkly vagina.' My husband had a laugh and said 'It will be fine, he won't know what it is.' Finlay was delighted, he didn't know what it was. He's only six so he thought I'd made him a cake of his favorite rock - he thought it was brilliant. When he's 18, he might look at it differently."

Kate runs her own face painting business called Wild Cherry Face Painting. The mother had baked the cake for her son on October 1 and had invited a lot of family members to the home to mark the celebrations after her son finished school for the day.

She said: "We had my dad, my husband's mum, and family members coming round to see him and the idea was to bring the cake out. I did warn my family what it looked like. My dad would have been in hysterics if I hadn't told him. I showed it to him and he just looked at me, and I said 'don't say anything.' They were all trying to stifle giggles while we sang happy birthday."

Thankfully, Finlay did not have any idea that there had been such a big error and thought that the cake his mother made for him was "brilliant." Kate lives with 38-year-old John Kirven, who is her husband and a marketing consultant, and their 3-year-old son Alexander aside from Finlay. She mentioned that her older son has been "obsessed" with crystals and precious stones for one year now. She said: "I thought it would be cool to make him a geode cake. He likes things that are rare and a bit special."


Kate continued by saying: "He has his own collection, and he likes to look up the stones in his crystal bible - he finds it really interesting. On Monday he was at school so I thought I'd surprise him. I just had an idea and did a bit of internet research and saw some examples, so thought I would do something like that and obviously, it didn't turn out the way I'd hoped. It's a good job I didn't have to go into school with it - the teachers would have been horrified."

Finlay is reportedly all set to party over the weekend with his friends, and Kate has made it clear that a different cake will be baked for the party. She said: "Could you imagine bringing that thing out in a room full of school mums? There'd be uproar. I'm planning to make another cake for his party, but this one is going to be of a penguin - hopefully, that will turn out okay."

She concluded by saying: "I keep giggling about it. I shared a picture of it on social media, and I keep getting notifications about it. I thought it might give a couple of people a laugh, but it's had thousands of likes. It was my first attempt at that particular cake. I usually make one for every birthday, and this is the first one that's been an epic fail. I'm planning on showing him the picture when he's older. It's definitely one to bring out for his 18th birthday."