"What else should we do to mommy?": Tortured mother knifed by two-year-old son after boyfriend forced him to 'stab mommy'

Ashley Watkins recounted how her boyfriend forced himself into her home on Thanksgiving and proceeded to brutally assault her.

                            "What else should we do to mommy?": Tortured mother knifed by two-year-old son after boyfriend forced him to 'stab mommy'

The horrific details of the stabbing of Idaho mother Ashley Watkins has emerged, revealing the extent to which her attacker and former boyfriend went to traumatize and torture her. Ashley Watkins, a resident of Burley, Idaho, was stabbed multiple times by her own two-year-old son after an altercation with 37-year-old David Gifford, left him incensed.

According to the Mirror, Gifford "got very upset" after Watkins' mother reportedly called him "a f***ing idiot" for putting the Thanksgiving Day turkey in the oven upside down on November 23 last year. He left the house but came back a few hours to assault Watkins, despite her trying to placate him by profusely apologizing to him.

Watkins said Gifford entered her house, made a leeway into the kitchen and started grabbing cups and throwing them against the wall. He also threw the turkey before chasing her into her bedroom, pinning her down on the bed and beginning to beat her. 

The noise from the assault woke up one of Watkins' sons, two-year-old Aason, who then wandered into the bedroom and was asked by Gifford, "What else should we do to mummy?" The 37-year-old then made Aason spit on his mother before asking him to go to the kitchen to fetch a knife.

Aason then returned with a butter knife, but Gifford was not satisfied. He went back to grab a butcher knife and a steak knife and told the two-year-old to stab his mom in the shoulder. He would even help Aason complete the deed because the toddler did not have the strength to drive the knife through. 

Recalling the terrifying incident, Watkins said, "He was beating me and pulling out chunks of my hair. The whole time he was screaming at me, 'You stupid b*tch. I'm going to kill you.' Aason was just quiet. He wasn't screaming, he wasn't crying, he wasn't scared. He just seemed confused. This is the only dad he's ever known and they had a close relationship. He trusted him."

But the recollection didn't stop there. "David had Aason spit on me and was making him kick me. David was saying, 'Your son hates you. He's not your son, he's my son'," she continued. 

"He was crazed and enjoying himself. He was happy, excited. You could tell he had no intention of stopping. I was face down on the floor and crying and Aason said, 'Sorry Mommy.' I said, 'It's OK baby.' I just didn't want him to say no and have David get mad at him."

She said that Gifford told her that he's "going to make you watch your son kill you" before then apparently trying to kill himself. "Either you're going to die tonight or I am," he is said to have told her before then trying to stab himself. When that failed, he asked Watkins to do it for him.

In the chaos, the mother managed to convince Gifford to allow her to call one of her friends to help him after she assured him that she would kill herself so he could avoid jail. When her friend finally arrived at the residence, she used the opportunity to make her escape and call the police.

Gifford was jailed three to ten years after admitting guilt to felony domestic violence and accepting a plea deal that saw the felony charges of attempted strangulation and injury to a child dropped. However, it would be Aason who would come out of the ordeal the most affected.

The two-year-old was diagnosed with PTSD after the incident and Watkins says she's sharing her story in the hope that more domestic violence victims come forward with their stories. "It has been extremely rough. Aason is not the same little boy anymore," she said. "Before all this happened he was very sweet, calm, loving and gentle. Now he fights with everybody. He screams and breaks things. He is volatile and combative. He is traumatized. It has probably disturbed him."