Woman, who ignored advise to abort one or two of her triplets to give the other a chance to survive, celebrates Christmas with all three kids

35-year-old Katie Johnson celebrated Christmas with all three of her triplets and says their survival was an 'incredible gift'

                            Woman, who ignored advise to abort one or two of her triplets to give the other a chance to survive, celebrates Christmas with all three kids

A mother who was pregnant with triplets ignored doctors' suggestions to terminate one or two of her unborn children because it would help the other survive and has seen her decision pay off, with all three delivered successfully and now healthy and happy.

According to the Daily Mail, 32-year-old commercial real estate worker Katie Johnson was informed that her babies had life-threatening growth problems and advised to terminate one or two of them. But she was determined to give all of them a chance for survival and let nature take its course.

It was a call that proved to be prudent. Katie welcomed the triplets, Oliver and identical twin Oscar, as well as non-identical Aurelia, into the world on October 11. They were delivered earlier than planned at 32 weeks, with Oliver weighing just 2lb 15oz while Oscar and Aurelia weighed in at 4lb and 3lb 15oz respectively. Katie and her husband, 35-year-old Patrick, were allowed to take the infants home a little over a month later, and the couple just spent their first Christmas together with their new family.

Katie recalled that it could have gone very wrong for them, revealing that at her 12-week scan, she was told her placenta was being shared unequally and that it had resulted in the triplets suffering from growth restriction.

"There was a risk to all of them," she was quoted saying. "Oliver was 25 percent smaller than his brother and the blood flow wasn’t getting to him properly. If Oliver died, Oscar could have died too."

Determined to give all of them a shot at life, neither she nor her husband considered the option of termination and forged ahead. Doctors at the King's College Hospital kept a close eye on the triplets through the pregnancy, with Katie saying it was "nerve-wracking" to see the results as they were scanned each week.

She was given the bad news seven months into her term. "At 28 weeks we were told he had stopped growing completely," she said. "But doctors said that as long as the blood flow carried on getting to him, they would leave him in the womb."

Three weeks later, doctors found that the blood flow to Oliver had stopped completely and took the decision to operate on Katie immediately to save his life. They were all delivered successfully via Cesarean section and would gain strength day by day through their four-week stay in the hospital.

Katie divulged that little Oliver would soon catch up with his brother and sister in the growth department. "Oliver has put on some weight, so he’s catching up with his brother now," she said. "The doctors expect the difference to even out at some point."

She said it was "incredibly lucky" that all three survived and that the fact they are with her to celebrate Christmas is an "incredible gift". She also thanked the staff at the hospital who looked after her and cared for her over the course of her pregnancy and said she couldn't have done it without them.