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The most dramatic weight-loss transformations seen on 'My 600lb Life'

These women have battled many problems and have had to overcome multiple obstacles in order to lose weight and be healthy
UPDATED JAN 14, 2020
This article covers the weight loss stories of a few individuals (Getty Images)
This article covers the weight loss stories of a few individuals (Getty Images)

Losing weight is not easy especially when you find yourself eating to escape. These five women who were put through the 'My 600lb Life' were determined to overcome obesity and they did. Check out their drastic weight-loss transformations: 

Christina Phillips

In the year 2014, a 50st Christina Phillips signed up for the show. She shared how she initially sought comfort in food as a child due to her parents arguing and fighting. In the last four years, the 26-year-old has shed 37st and now weighs only 13st. A gastric bypass surgery also played a role in her remarkable transformation.

Amber Rachdi

At the age of 23, Amber weighed 46st and was unable to function normally or even give herself a bath. She lost more than a 100 pounds to qualify for her weight loss surgery. Since her first appearance on My 600lb Life in the year 2015, she has lost more than 30st. 

Marla McCants

In the year 2015, doctors had shared that Marla McCants was literally just a few weeks away from death. McCants revealed that she had an unhealthy relationship with food after an abusive relationship. She used to weigh a whopping 57st and has shed over 35st. She is hopeful that she will continue to lose weight and complete her transformation. 

Nikki Webster

Nikki Webster's weight loss has been quite a drastic one and she describes her journey on 'My 600lb Life' as the hardest time of her life but it certainly paid off and she is now reaping the benefits. She has also discovered a love for fitness and exercise and hits the gym on a daily basis. Webster was initially 46st, but now she’s a trimmer 16st.

Paula Jones

In the year 2014, Paula Jones told the TLC producers how she would 'feel trapped' in her obese body. After she lost her husband to weight issues, she was adamant about turning her life around. She is also a motivational speaker and is encouraging others to also shed the pounds.