Most Controversial TV Shows: 'Buying Naked' raised eyebrows with its concept surrounding nudist homebuyers

Most Controversial TV Shows: 'Buying Naked' raised eyebrows with its concept surrounding nudist homebuyers
'Buying Naked' (TLC)

In 2014, TLC's show 'Buying Naked', which follows realtor Jackie Youngblood, ruffled quite a few feathers. The popular reality show might have had a brief stint of just one season, but it laid down the path for many successful reality shows. We know you might be wondering what's so unique about the show among a plethora of other real-estate based reality shows. Well, while most real-estate based reality shows tend to focus on catering to millionaire clients or celebrity clients, 'Buying Naked' focused on real estate in nudist communities. Interestingly enough, the realtor Jackie herself is a nudist. Set in a nudist community in sunny Florida, we see the community through Jackie's eyes, as she explains the various nuances and etiquettes associated with following the nudist way of life.

The 10-episode series focused heavily on familiarizing viewers with the community and eventually offered a peek into the real-estate business side of it. We see Jackie taking her nudist clients to various properties and trying to understand their requirements and needs, while also demonstrating how nudists have a very different set of requirements from a house as opposed to 'textiles' (a term used by the community members to describe those who wear clothes). For instance, the nudists prefer higher countertops to avoid accidents, bidets are mandatory, etc. One of the episodes features a man named Paulie, who enlists the services of Jackie to help him and his wife find their dream abode in the community. In the episode, we are shown in graphic detail as Paulie shows his realtor and the whole world how he uses a bidet. 

If you are wondering how did this show ever make it to TV, then you should thank the editing team for it. Instead of adopting the regular method of just blurring out the private areas of the cast members, the production team and the editing team took it upon themselves as a challenge to blur out as little as possible. They instead resorted to placing objects to block the camera's view of the censored parts. For instance, a vase or flowers were used to cover up the cast members' body parts. The show was appreciated for its unique concept and the way they handled the topic. Rather than making it yet another raunchy show, the production shot the show very tastefully and focused on highlighting this very unique way of living instead.

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