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'Mortel' Episode 1: Obé is a sad excuse for a voodoo god but watch out for Luisa because she's the real deal

In the very first episode, it is revealed that she has close connections with black magic and voodoo. In fact, her grandmother (mama) practices Voodoo magic

This article contains spoilers for Season 1 Episode 1 of 'Mortel' titled 'Super Bad'

Obé is the youngest of all the voodoo gods and he is disobedient, disturbed, deceitful and moody. But what's disheartening is that he's pretty dumb, for a god. He functions according to his own whims and fancies and he could bother less about anything else.

Of course, he could fear nobody else other than himself. Fortunately, for his character, he is someone who can go to any lengths to get his work done. Considering his manipulative side of tricking people into doing things they would regret. 

Obé is everything but smart. For instance, there is a point where he almost successfully provokes Sofiane into killing Victor. The deal was to commit a murder — soul for a soul. But, his wit goes unmatched to his terror as he did not know murder and suicide are two different things.

The first episode is titled 'Super Bad' and it takes us into the lives of the protagonists — Sofiane, Victor and Luisa. We know that Reda is missing and the universe is pointing towards his death too.

But what can a desperate brother do other than digging deep into prospective murderers? As he stumbles upon Obé, he gets lured into making a pact which could potentially lead him to his brother. 

Sofiane befriends Victor and ropes him into making a pact with him. Unaware of Obé's intentions, he asks Sofiane to kill Victor in order to reach one step closer to his "dead" brother. 

In the peak moment, Victor breaks it down for Obé and explains that "Suicide isn't murder." All of a sudden, a horrific side of Obé turns into a comical one. Think about it, a god is made to feel dumb and stupid at the same time by a mortal! It is hilarious to see this side of such a powerful "deemed to be evil" god.  

From this, we can assume that his future in this show is going to have a no so dark side after all. He is probably just lonely in his world. 

Luisa, on the other hand, is a character you need to watch out for. In the very first episode, it is revealed that she has close connections with black magic and voodoo. In fact, her grandmother (mama) practices voodoo magic.

She wants Luisa to take over the "Voodoo business". But unfortunately for her, Luisa has interests of her own. Since she occasionally lends a helping hand to mama, she knows a few spells and rituals. It is in her blood to be the next Mambo. But will she use her powers for good? Only time can tell. 

Her character is extremely important throughout the show as there is a potential build-up for her character. She is not a witch but she is very perceptive about her surroundings. She is a powerful and intelligent character who knows how to keep even the strongest of voodoo gods in check. 

'Mortel' Season 1 premiered on November 21 on Netflix.