'Mortel' Episode 3: Luisa's harrowing backstory ties everything together as the duo team up to avenge her ordeal

'Mortel' Episode 3: Luisa's harrowing backstory ties everything together as the duo team up to avenge her ordeal

Contains spoilers for 'Mortel' Season 1 Episode 3

 After a big burn out at the party, Lisa wakes up in a burnt land which looks like a creepy cemetery. She is in a place that looks straight out of a nightmare. For a second there, it seemed as if she died in the fire and woke up in a whole new dimension.

It is revealed that Luisa has a messy past which contained details about Reda and how much she liked him. She is indirectly connected to the murder and Reda's mysterious disappearance.

Despite confronting her true feelings to Bastien, he did not respect her and went on to force himself on her. She managed to push him away and narrowly escaped the situation.  

At the party, somebody takes advantage of her and records her stripping her clothes off. When she gets threatened by her perpetrator, she begins to think it was either Sofiane or Victor. She ended up framing them and gets them expelled from school.

Meanwhile, Victor discovers a nuanced version of his powers that allow him to touch a person and jump into their memories. When Sofiane touches Victor unknowingly, he sees that Sofiane made a move on Luisa in the drugged state.

Technically, there was no consent involved, so it could be classified as rape. But, on diving deep, Victor sees Sofiane's truth and finds out that he never raped her and that the act was abandoned halfway as Sofiane gained control over her body.

He choked her too hard that she passed out. This only pushes the boys to find out the real perpetrator. Cursed to control the body and read minds, the duo chalk a full-fledged plan.

They combine their powers and figure out that it was Rodrick behind all this mess. Justice is best served cold and they make him strip down and stand outside the building so that everybody knows it was him.

They even give his phone to Audrey, the school headmistress for proof. Being cursed with powers and still seeing a silver lining in it is like having good things triumph even at the tempest.

Now that we know the boys can use their powers in a much efficient way and that too for good cause, they actually have the potential to unmask the killer, in a much better way.


We see Victor being bold and more confident towards the end of episode 3. He is able to express himself and most importantly maintain eye contact while talking to people. Being able to stand up for himself when Sofiane pushes him around is an important milestone in his character development. 

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