Morgan Freeman denies allegations of sexual misconduct made by granddaughter's killer

Lamar Davenport is currently on trial for killing Freeman’s adopted granddaughter E’Dena Hines in New York City.

                            Morgan Freeman denies allegations of sexual misconduct made by granddaughter's killer
Morgan Freeman (Source:Getty Images)

A clip has surfaced of Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman denying all allegations that he engaged in an inappropriate sexual relationship with his late step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines. He was accused of sleeping with Hines during the murder trial of her boyfriend and killer Lamar Davenport.

The Sun reports that the 80-year-old was caught on camera by a photographer in an LA car park smiling at the accusation. Davenport's lawyers have submitted text messages exchanged between Hines and Davenport as "evidence" that the victim was involved in a relationship with her "grandpa".

Freeman with Hines at the New York premiere of 'The Dark Knight'
(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Belstaff)

A text message sent by Hines to Davenport on 3rd July 2015 reads: 

“I don’t ask him for advice he was calling to ask me . . . I blocked him for myself not for you because men who equal grandpa feelings don’t need to be in my life at all.”

One of the messages that Davenport sent to his late girlfriend explicitly deals with the topic of her relationship with Freeman. In it, he tells her that when it comes to Freeman, Hines has "a submissive love that will always be there".

The video shows the actor walking up to a red Tesla when he is intercepted by the photographer. Freeman is seen casually dressed in a denim shirt, grey jeans and a baseball cap. Replying to the photographer's questions about text messages proving the alleged relationship, the "Bruce Almighty" star breaks out into a smile and shakes his head saying,“I don't even know what you’re talking about.”

Hines was brutally stabbed on August 16, 2015, outside her apartment building in Washington Heights, New York City by her boyfriend. Davenport is charged with second-degree murder and may be looking at life in prison if convicted. He was reportedly high on PCP when he committed the murder; a fact that his lawyers hope will allow them to push for an insanity plea.