Monitor lizard scales shelves of a 7-Eleven in Thailand, Internet says 'Godzilla is just thirsty'

The Komodo dragon effortless makes its way up the shelves of the convenience store in a shocking clip

                            Monitor lizard scales shelves of a 7-Eleven in Thailand, Internet says 'Godzilla is just thirsty'
A Komodo dragon spotted in 7-Eleven, Thailand (Twitter)

Grocery runs can often be unpredictable — you never know who you might just run into. For the patrons of 7-Eleven in Thailand, that was definitely the case, seeing that their shopping was brought to an expected halt when a monitor lizard made its way through the store. 

In a video shared by journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall, a Komodo dragon is seen scaling up the shelves of the departmental store, while knocking off everything in its way. It finally settles in and rests on the topmost shelf, unbothered by the reaction of the customers around it. 


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The video garnered quite an interesting reaction from the Internet, who had some interesting things to say about the lizard. "OMFG," tweeted a user. "That's why I come here: Real service, I tell you. I couldn't reach up there, but the Associate said "let me get that for you". @colbertlateshow," joked a user. "Why is nobody helping this majestic lizard reach the items on the top shelf?  How rude," asked another. "My doctor says I need a laxative!!" Added another. 









Seeing that Godzilla vs King Kong has made its way to theatre, the Godzilla jokes really piled on. "Godzilla is just thirsty. Leave him be," defended a Twitter user. "Please DM if you have a giant monkey we can borrow to fight this thing," added another, in hope of a solution.

"I saw what he did to King Kong. If he wants to chill on the shelf, he can chill on the shelf. I'm not stopping him," suggested a user. "That’s like me thinking I was Spider-Man when I was little. This little guy just wants to be Godzilla," said a rather encouraging Twitter user. 








Journalist Yashar Ali tweeted about the video as well, pointing out the species of the reptile. "This is in Thailand...Nakhon Pathom to be exact. Seeing a lot of people asking if this is a Komodo Dragon or a monitor lizard. A Komodo Dragon IS a monitor lizard. There are 70 species of monitor lizard. But Komodo Dragons don't exist in Thailand except for zoos, etc." he explained. 


And then, of course, there is this iconic selfie of the woman who shot the video in the first place. "I like that the lady who made the video also took a selfie with the giant lizard," tweeted a user, with the image attached.


The lizard in question is a Komodo dragon, which falls under the genus of monitor lizards. There are about 80 recognized monitor lizard species. Komodo dragons usually hunt for their meals and are known to have a rather venomous bite, seeing that they secrete highly toxic protein. If a human were to be bitten by the same, they are likely to die within hours, if not treated immediately. As reported by the New York Post, some are speculating that the lizard entered the store in order to escape the humid temperature outside. 

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