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Did Monica and Chandler have a baby? From just pals to raising twins, a look at 'Friends' couple's love story

When Monica Geller and Chandler Bing hooked up in season 4, there was only one question on fans minds -- what would their babies look like?
UPDATED MAY 27, 2021
Monica, Chandler and Erica in 'The Last One/ The One Where They Say Goodbye, season 10' (Warner Bros Television)
Monica, Chandler and Erica in 'The Last One/ The One Where They Say Goodbye, season 10' (Warner Bros Television)

Out of the entire 'Friends' cast, the couple that truly seemed like soulmates, or as Phoebe would put it -- lobsters -- were Monica and Chandler. Their entire love story has proved to be one giant roller coaster.

From Monica having a crush on him the first time they met and later accidentally cutting off his toe (The One with All the Thanksgivings, Season 5), to him being the one who comforted her after Phoebe moved out (The One With The Flashback, Season 3), finally hooking up at Ross's second wedding (The One With Ross' Wedding, Part 2, Season 4), they were the favorite couple for many fans. Their 'friends to lovers' trope really had fans sold, seeing that the characters balanced each other out beautifully. Their wedding arc was one of the most fun and emotional ones of the series and seeing that they two often spoke about how they wanted a family, fans were excited to know what a Geller-Bing baby would look like.


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So when the show revealed that despite trying, Monica was unable to get pregnant, it was absolutely heartbreaking. At that point in the show, Phoebe had been the surrogate for her brother Frank Jr and had triplets (The One Hundredth, Season 5) while Rachel and Ross had Emma, a name that Monica picked for her future daughter, but let Rachel have it instead (The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Part Two, Season 8).

And then there was Monica, the ultimate mom friend, who wanted nothing more than to be the mother who makes the world's best cookies (The One With Phoebe's Cookies, Season 7), left without children of her own. Infertility and adoption issues faced by Monica and Chandler were one of the more serious and poignant plotlines of the show. And although it was sad to watch, it was a breath of fresh air, as compared to the usual lighthearted storyline.

Chandler and Monica in 'The One With Ross' Wedding, Part 2, season 4' (Warner Bros. Television)
Monica, Joey and Chandler in 'The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding' season7 (Warner Bros. Television)

But, as with most sitcoms, it's there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. Monica and Chandler tried to convince Zack, played by John Stamos, to get Monica pregnant which meets a hilarious end when they scare him off (The One With The Donor, Season 9)'

Fans saw the couple also pretend to be a Reverand and a doctor when their adoption application got mixed up (The One With The Birth Mother, Season 10). And while Erica, played by Anna Farris was upset when she discovered the truth, a wonderful monologue by Chandler swayed her heart and fans.

Do Monica and Chandler have a baby?

While they were never able to conceive on their own, the series ended its 10 season run in the sweetest way possible -- with Erica, giving birth to twins, that were adopted by Monica and Chandler (The Last One/ The One Where They Say Goodbye, Part 1 and 2, Season 10).

They named the twins, Jack, after Monica's dad and the girl, Erica, after her birth mother. The series ends with the new parents and the twins bidding farewell to their first home, as they are all set to move.

Monica with one of the twins in 'The Last One/ The One Where They Say Goodbye, season 10' (Warner Bros. Television)
Chandler with one of the twins in 'The Last One/ The One Where They Say Goodbye, part 1 and 2, season 10' (Warner Bros. Television)

While fans didn't get to see much of them, seeing that they were born on the series finale episode, one can safely assume that a Gellar-Bing baby would grow up to be a funny and caring teen, not unlike their mom and dad!


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