Are Monica and C-Murder dating? A look at their complex relationship as Kim Kardashian vows to free rapper

Singer Monica Denise has been vocal about her support to free ex-boyfriend Corey Miller from prison and this has many wondering if the couple is back together

                            Are Monica and C-Murder dating? A look at their complex relationship as Kim Kardashian vows to free rapper
Monica Denise and Corey Miller (Getty Images/Wikimedia Commons-Justauserr)

Singer Monica Denise has been vocal about her support to free ex-boyfriend C-Murder, real name Corey Miller, from prison. As reported earlier, Kim Kardashian announced on Twitter that she is ready to lend her support to Denise to help rapper Miller. In 2002, Miller, the brother of rapper Master P, was arrested in connection with the alleged murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas. The musician was sentenced to life in prison on August 14, 2009. Miller is currently serving his sentence in Louisiana State Penitentiary.

According to, on August 10 Denise shared on her Instagram story that she will do her best to support the rapper and get him released from prison. As per the report, she wrote, "You are not alone. The fight is about to change because you will not fight alone! Your daughter and Tru family deserve to have you with them! I’m about to be on some other s**t @cmurder." The Shade Room had shared a screenshot of her story on their Instagram post.

In a 2002 interview to R&Being magazine, Denise opened up about her relationship with Miller. She had just separated from her boyfriend Jarvis Weems. During that time, rapper Inga Marchand aka Foxy Brown introduced Denise to Miller. She is quoted in the magazine as saying, "Inga called me and passed him the phone. It was like I had known him forever from that one conversation."

There was this one time when Denise collapsed onstage in Washington due to a minor heart condition and Miller took care of her when she was in the hospital for a month. He proposed to her on a sky lift at Six Flags Over Georgia. But soon there was a wedge between them due to their profession. "The most I saw him was when I was in the hospital," she was quoted as saying. According to the report, Miller later married a woman in New Orleans and Denise claimed that they had already broken up by then. She stated in the interview, "I would never commit adultery. When he was married, being together wasn’t an option."

After her break up, she reconnected with Weems, but it took a tragic turn when he died by suicide. Later, Denise had two children – Rocko and Romelo Montez Hill – with rapper Rodney "Rocko" Hill. The couple parted ways in 2010. According to People magazine, the singer secretly married former NBA player Shannon Brown in a private Los Angeles wedding ceremony in November 2010 and confirmed it only in January 2011. However, the couple finalized their divorce by 2019, the report states. They have a daughter together named Laiyah.

Social media was abuzz after Denise announced her support for Miller. One said, "Wouldn't it be wild if C-Murder got released and he and Monica got back together?? Alexa, play 'Should've Known Better'."


Another concurred, "I really want CMurder & Monica to be a thing again. I’d love to see it."


 Another said, "If Kim Kardashian can get C-Murder out of jail, we’re gonna get the Monica album we NEED!"


Another commented, "Find you a woman that loves you as much as Monica does C Murder."


One stated, "I just want C Murder to get Monica back and I’ll be okay."


A post from Miller's official Instagram account acknowledged Denise's efforts and said, "Moses when they took me I told you go live your life because you didn’t deserve what the system was about to do to me. You still stood for me, without me asking created a team that could change the outcome of a very unfair fate! You been Forever Tru, One in a Lifetime!! @monicadenise got em saying #FreeCoreyMiller."

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