'Money Heist' Season 4: Theory claims Nairobi is alive and fans can't wait for return of 'bad***' character

The Season 3 finale ended with Nairobi bleeding after being shot by a sniper

                            'Money Heist' Season 4: Theory claims Nairobi is alive and fans can't wait for return of 'bad***' character
Alba Flores as Nairobi (Netflix)

'Money Heist' seems to be riding high on its popularity and fans are waiting with bated breath to see Season 2 Part 4 or Season 4. The last season ended with Nairobi (Alba Flores) stuck between life and death and that seems to be the most crucial point.

The final episode of Part 3 ended with Nairobi being shot by a sniper and bleeding in Helsinki's (Yashin Dasáyev) arms, and there seems to be no clear indication on whether she will live to see another day. In a 2.18-minute trailer, the entire team can be seen rushing Nairobi into emergency treatment. In another scene, she can be seen getting up with an oxygen mask on her face. While there is no confirmation about her being alive, a few fans seem to be getting their hopes up. 

One fan on Reddit wrote: "Getting my hopes up! Hopefully, that’s not her last breath or something. Especially after the flat beeping noise at the end of the trailer," and another shared, "I still don’t understand why they would put that in a teaser. Are they trying to spoil their own show?"

Another fan posted on Twitter, "Nairobi is still alive. Berlin is not dead!! The pregnant cop is one of them, her name is Paris and she's carrying Berlin's baby."

Alba Flores as Nairobi (Netflix)

Several fans are worried about the fate of the character. "Don’t fool me Netflix with the La Casa de Papel Pt. 4 teaser by showing Nairobi is alive. Please don’t hurt me again #MoneyHeist," one tweet read and another said, "Why did they do that to Nairobi! She's the best character out of all the gang. Level headed, emphatic, and she always cleans up their shit. No one is more bad***!!! #MoneyHeist." One infuriated fan wrote, "F**k you for trying to kill off Nairobi. Even the attempt to put out killing Nairobi is a fucking disrespect. I hate yall."

Calling her one of their "favorite characters", one viewer posted, "Nairobi is my fave character and nothing can change my mind," and another said, "If Nairobi will die this season, I'm not gonna watch anymore!! Arturito and Alicia deserve to die first." One even went on to say, "Nairobi is my spirit animal."

Moreover, many fans seem to be ranking their favorite characters on Twitter. "#MoneyHeist rankings: 5. Helsinki 4. Professor* 3. Tokyo 2. Nairobi 1. Berlin *Professor is obviously the MVP, but as good as @AlvaroMorte is and as well written as Professor is, some of the others are just more interesting and fun," one said and another posted, "I enjoyed every second of binge-watching this #MoneyHeist and #Nairobi I love. She holds true love for everyone."

One more said, "Nairobi just went from being my bottom 3 characters in part 1 to my absolute favorite, it's not even a competition anymore, in part 3. Let the matriarch begin, putas!" #MoneyHeist."

As the new season rolls out on April 3, it is yet to be seen whether Nairobi will survive, but chances of that happening seem to be pretty strong. 

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