'Money Heist' aka 'La Casa de Papel' Season 4: Fans say both Nairobi and Berlin are alive after watching the teaser

'Money Heist' aka 'La Casa de Papel' Season 4: Fans say both Nairobi and Berlin are alive after watching the teaser

'Money Heist' aka 'La Casa de Papel' Season 3 broke all records with over 34 million views on Netflix in just seven days and fans have been eagerly waiting for the next chapter to unfold. Dropping the hotly-anticipated release date in Brazil during a CCXP19 panel, Netflix announced that the show will be back on April 3, 2020. 

The riveting series seems to have grabbed many eyeballs, including author Stephen King, who tweeted, "Okay, Netflix, you left me hanging. When does MONEY HEIST come back? Because, dig it, I'm not getting any younger here."

Replying to his tweet, the official account of La Casa de Papel wrote, "Gold things come to those who wait. Until April 3rd, that is." That's not all. Netflix also dropped a release date announcement teaser featuring all cast members profiles.



With a dose of drama, it shows Nairobi's face towards the end hinting that she may be alive in the next part. Towards the end of Season 3, Nairobi was shot by a sniper straight in her chest. In the final moments of the episode, as her teammates tried to revive her, it appears as though she died in the arms of Helsinki (Darko Peric) and her last few words were: "I saw my son, Helsi!" Going by the teaser, she may have survived the bullet shot.

Fans, however, are still wondering whether Nairobi is really alive. "So Nairobi is Alive? Or she is just a Flashback like Berlin? Excited," one viewer wrote and another posted, "Because.. no one can mess with Nairobi!!!!"

Another Twitter user wrote, "Nairobi is narrating the story from a police cell and the rest were killed The pregnant Cop is Berlin's girlfriend and her Heist name is Githurai." Many viewers are saying keeping Nairobi at the end of the teaser could also be a 'tribute'."


Is Nairobi really alive in 'Money Heist' Season 4 or are the makers paying a tribute to her in the last frame? (Netflix)

Many others feel it could be a false alarm as the teaser also features Berlin, who was dead long back. "So yeah, a lot of people excited cause of Nairobi in #MoneyHeist teaser, so was Berlin in part three teaser, I wouldn't like to see her dead either but just don't get any high hopes," one tweet read and another said, "Part 4 going to be something else if Berlin n Nairobi in the team." There is also a theory floating around on how Berlin could be alive in the series.

Several fans went on to post a spoiler tweet. "1. Nairobi is still alive. Yes, she is still alive. 2. Berlin isn't dead. 3. The pregnant cop forming brucella is a part of them, her heist name is Paris, she is Berlin's wife. #MoneyHeist season 4!!!!!"


It's quite a mystery whether the two will be seen in season four or not. As 'Money Heist' comes back to Netflix on April 3, 2020, it might be quite a revelation to see where the showrunners take the story ahead and how Nairobi finds her way back. 

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