'I was FIRED': Momoland ex-member Daisy says she doesn't know why MLD Entertainment kicked her out

'I was FIRED': Momoland ex-member Daisy says she doesn't know why MLD Entertainment kicked her out
Former Momoland member Daisy reveals that she was kicked out of the girl group without a reason by the label (@daisiesforyu/Instagram, MLD Entertainment)

There is a lot more than what meets the eye in K-pop and so is the case with official statements made by K-pop labels. We had BTS' Suga revealing to fans that when he had contracted Covid, he had asked the label to release a statement that said he had no symptoms but he was still sick and did not want to cause worry among fans. His action was only to protect fans from worrying about him but this revealed that statements that come from K-pop companies do not usually serve the whole truth and former MLD Entertainment idol Daisy has asserted that revelation.

Daisy joined the MLD Entertainment girl group, Momoland, back in 2017. But in 2019, MLD Entertainment stated that they were in discussions with Daisy about her future in the group. She was made to sit out promotions of the group's 2019 comeback 'I’m So Hot.' At the time, MLD Entertainment promised fans that Daisy would return with Momoland's following comeback but she never rejoined the girl group and was eventually kicked out of Momoland.


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Daisy reveals she was kicked out by MLD Entertainment

Now, after two years have passed, Daisy made a revelation about her controversial exit from the girl group and the label MLD Entertainment. During a recent live broadcast on TikTok, when a fan asked her about her departure from Momoland and her public dispute with her agency MLD Entertainment, Daisy said in English, "Guys, really, I didn't come out (of Momoland), I was fired. Do you understand?" She reassured fans, "It's been a long time, so it's okay." Daisy then added, "I don't know why I was kicked out. If I had known that, I probably wouldn't have been cut off."


The reason for Daisy's inactivity as a member of Momoland was linked to reports that suggested she was dating iKON's Yunhyeong but fans suspect that the real reason behind her being kicked out from the girl group was her public spat with the label. Back in January 2020, Daisy accused MLD Entertainment of refusing to let her continue her activities with Momoland. She stated that she wished to make a comeback with the group but the label would not let her. She also added that she attempted to terminate her contract with the agency, but claimed that they demanded her to pay a large penalty for breach of contract.


Not only that but Daisy also accused the label of being fraudulent with their survival show, 'Finding Momoland', from which the members were found. Daisy claimed that the show had deceived viewers by manipulating the votes and claimed that she was contacted by the agency with an offer to join the group after she was eliminated from the group. MLD Entertainment denied the claims and stated they would be taking legal action against Daisy. Both parties, Daisy and MLD Entertainment, filed a lawsuit against each other where it was revealed that Daisy had won in part.

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