Anna Faris opens up about getting a boob job because she really wanted to fill in a bikini

Anna Faris revealed that while she was getting her big break in 'The House Bunny', she got a boob job around 2008 and it felt "f****** awesome"

                            Anna Faris opens up about getting a boob job because she really wanted to fill in a bikini
Anna Faris (Source: Getty Images)

Remember Anna Faris in the 2008 chick flick 'The House Bunny'? She played the perky Playboy Bunny who took upon herself to challenge stereotypes on her college campus - her breasts, like any other Bunny's in history, were the center of attention in the outfits worn by Faris. In a recent interview with Women's Health, Faris revealed that they may not have been her natural pair. 

Actress Anna Faris arrives at The 41st Annual People's Choice Awards at Nokia Theatre LA Live on January 7, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)


She calls herself a "staunch feminist" and at first, the decision seemed like she was "betraying" womankind, making us wonder why feminism has such a bad reputation. "I’m still floored that I did it, because I am a staunch feminist. I kept thinking, Am I betraying my own gender by doing this? I wish that we were more supportive of each other. I think that people should be able to do whatever they want, whether it’s getting braces, bleaching their hair, getting extensions, getting a boob job, getting vaginal surgery, or getting a nose job."

Anna Faris starred in the 2008 chick flick The House Bunny as a former Playboy Bunny . (Source: IMDb)


The 41-year-old actress said, "I was always a negative-A cup, so when I was 30, I was getting a divorce, I had just finished House Bunny, and I’d sold another movie, all of these new things were happening to me, so I got my breasts done. It was f**cking awesome. I never, ever thought I’d do something like that. I always thought plastic surgery was caving in to 'the man,' you know? But it came down to a really simple thing: I wanted to fill out a bikini. What would that feel like?"

Faris split up with husband Chris Pratt around August last year, breaking everyone's heart. The couple, who married in 2009 have a 5-year-old son and are still on amicable terms, she says in the interview. She also opened up about her pregnancy in the interview, saying that it was the one time in her life that she didn't care about weight gain.

Anna Faris attends CBS And Warner Bros. Television's 'Mom' Celebrates 100 Episodes at TAO Hollywood on January 27, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

"When I was pregnant, I gained 70 pounds! I wish it was all in my belly, but it was on my arms, my thighs, my ass. I remember at the time thinking, this is incredible. I’d never enjoyed food more and I didn’t care. My vanity was completely tidal-waved by the need to just nourish this thing. Nothing was going to stop me! Well, yeah! For the first time in a long time, I had absolutely zero concern about my weight. It felt really good." 

She's on the cover of Women's Health this month.